Takwen Fenshley Mohrekien XLVII

Takwen is a fun, yet sincere, young [Chadra-fan]. He is training as a padawan under Brulax Ruso and Oraltor Nadon in the Free Jedi Order, based on Rodia. On his way to a knighthood, Takwen has shown great skill as a [Jedi Healer]. Loyal to the Light-side of the Force, Takwen believes strongly in the Living Force which binds all things together.

Life on [Chad]

Takwen was a delightful child! Fun-loving and friendly, Takwen had lots of friends. Mostly they were his brothers and sisters. He has a very large family. In fact, he is 47th of his large family. On the last count, he has 86 siblings. The number behind his name signifies his place in line. A Mohrekien Chadra-fan doesnt have to be named after his/her father to be numbered. They are numbered because of the sheer volume of children.
Although he is very friendly, he has a strong sense of justice and protection for the weak and innocent. Growing up defending younger and weaker siblings (even from other siblings!), he learned how to fight and use a blade. This has proved useful in his training of a lightsaber.
His family's trade is river trading. They are merchants. At one time, his father was quite wealthy but a terrible flood devastated the area and many Chadra-fans suffered. In fact, Takwen was a mature teen [these terms mean nothing in Chadrafanian culture, I use them to help you understand this part of his life cycle] at the time of the great flood. He was in love with a female Chadra-fan that drowned. He saved her body from the waters but was unable to heal her. He had just began to notice his abilities in the Force. This caused him much guilt and he secretly suffered from this.
After the flood, the Chadra-fans asked for help from the surrounding planets but received a cold shoulder. The attention attracted slave-traders and pirates and you can guess what happened then. Takwen was commissioned by his father to seek out a life elsewhere and since he knew of his son's force sensitivity he found the academy at Rodia and there Takwen was sent. (Many of his brother and sisters speak of an ulterior motive-- Takwen was well loved but he got in the way, with all his games and joviality. It's hard for a fun loving Chadra-fan to settle down in the family business. Especially one that was entertaining dreams of being a Jedi.)

A New Life on Rodia

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