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The TIE/a Arrow was designed to counteract the growing number of fast, and highly maneuverable fightercraft that had been released during that time. The scientists at DeathTech started with a basic TIE Fighter Chassis and went from there, they added a third Ion engine as well as a third blaster cannon. They also added two proton torpedo launchers which allowed the TIE/a Arrow to play a more versatile role in fleet actions. Commonly used as an interceptor it was in fact well suited for this role. Utilizing the I-s3a Solar Ionization Reactor allowed the TIE/a Arrow to top out at 130 MGLT placing it well over the speed of the traditional TIE/In Interceptor and the changes in the wing design allowed it to reach 1,360 Km/h in atmospheric conditions. The wing design was one to optimize manoeuvrability as well as to increase field of vision for the pilot. Overall, the TIE/a Arrow was a fast, manoeuvrable, and deadly addition to any starfighter squadron.

Technical SpecificationsEdit


  • 8 meters


  • 9 meters


  • 7 meters




  • 130 MGLT
  • 1,360 Km/h


500,000 credits

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