TC24, known as Teesee Toofor, was a Night Jedi TC-series protocol droid, operating from the Endor Citadel


Pre Night JediEdit

Teesee was manufactured in the Cybot Galactica droid foundries on Etti IV around 0ABY. He circulated through various droid wholesalers, before eventually being picked up for a very reasonable price by Rahmus Baktran, and he entered into Night Jedi service and was taken to Endor.

Night JediEdit

Initially, he was used as an admissions clerk, keeping track of new Night Jedi students. he would later be tasked with increasingly more administrative duties, which he handled with exceeding efficency, much more than would normally be expected of a TC-series. Eventually, he was also assigned diplomatic duties, and he handled all Night Jedi business when the senior staff were absent. He also helped as a teaching assistant, especially covering for staff when they were absent.


Teesee was assigned to man the 'Hub' orbital battlestation to oversee the repair and reconstruction of the Night Jedi fleet, after some members of senior staff returned from an extended leave of absence. When Lieutenant Gorman returned from the mission to Manaan and took over at the battlestation, Teesee returned to the surface. He later took a Flash speeder to meet Corwen Dymek at the forest floor landing pads, and gave Dymek a tour of the Citadel while Jobie Wan Kenobi talked with the Admiral of the Jedi Shadows fleet. He returned to admissions duty on the main desk until he was next required.

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