TC18, known as Teesee, was Jobie Wan Kenobi's personal TC-series protocol droid.


Pre Night JediEdit

Teesee was manufactured in the Cybot Galactica droid foundries on Etti IV around 7BBY. He was sold directly to a interplanetary trading company, and operated as receptionist for many years. When the company replaced him with a later model, his mind was wiped and he was sold to a second-hand droid-sales company. He was picked up cheaply by Rahmus Baktran, and he entered into Night Jedi service and was taken to Endor.

Night JediEdit

He was assigned to the Shadow Arts and Concealment teacher, at the Endor Citadel, which was Jobie Wan Kenobi. He assisted Jobie with his classes, and also helped crew Jobie's personal craft, the Invisible. He assisted in Jobie's mission to Ossus, to negotiate with the Grey Sith Order, and also flew the Invisible during Jobie's sabbatical.

Iron Fists WarEdit

Teesee often flew the Invisible, keeping it out of trouble while Jobie is taking care of business on planets. For example, he took command of Invisible when Jobie went down to the surface of Muunilinst too plan the attack on Manaan. He also served as Jobie's co-pilot during the battle


After the battle, as the Night Jedi began to rebuild, Teesee flew with Jobie to the shipyards on Mustafar. Jobie left him there to help bring back the mothballed Crossbone-class Cruiser Crossbone that the Night Jedi stole and completed. He served as Jobie's copilot through several engagements, such as Malice Hingang's renegade attack on Endor, and the trade dispute at Kamino. When Jobie went on his missions with Pryce Fisto and their apprentices, Teesee remained aboard Invisible back at Endor, listening out on Jobie's comlink frequency in case Jobie needed assistance. (Current Location: Aboard Invisible, Endor Citadel Hanger)

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