T.O.M.A.H.W.K. Base Model
Production information

Stark Industries

  • Base Model (No adaptions)
  • Adaptable Slugthrower

Maximillion Stark


10,000 Credits

Physical and technical specifications
  • 2 Feet
  • 3.5 Pounds
Protection type
  • Polyceramic Construction
  • 50 Slugs per Banana Magazine
  • 100 meters
Usage and history

Construction DetailsEdit

Weapon Stats:

  • Length: two feet exactly
  • Weight: three and a half pounds
  • Type: Slug thrower
  • Operation: Fully automatic, with burst, single fire, and full auto selection option
  • Rounds per sec: one round per half a second
  • Calibre of rounds fired: 5.56x45mm

Base Accessories:

  • Banana magazine capacity: fifty rounds
  • Banana magazine weight: quarter pound
  • Sight: electronic red dot telescoping sight x2 and x5 times zoom
  • Pica tinny rail: Standard issue, approx. six inches long
  • Foregrip: Black rubber no slip composite grip. Standard issue.
  • Stock: Basic durasteel and resin stock. Standard issue.
  • Grip: Bais grip, molded for atypical human male. Standard issue.
  • Trigger: Standard issue, fit to a standard human males finger.
  • Firing indicator light: Blue, standard issue.
  • Firing mode selector switch: Standard issue durasteel switch.

Adaptive SystemsEdit

The "Tactical. Optional. Modular. Adaption. Hetero-Assault. Weapon. Kit.", nicknamed "T.O.M.A.H.A.W.K." by Stark Industries, is one of the most innovative weapon platforms to date. This weapons, while a base model, offers decent stopping power and rate of fire. It's true power however, comes from its adaptive systems. The TOMAHAWK was Stark Industries answer to the perfect weapon, and as such, Stark Industries built just that; the perfect weapon. Everything about the TOMAHAWK, from the grip, barrel, firing indicator light, calibre of bullet, rate of fire, stock, barrel, magazine, sights, and foregrip. Is completely, and totally adaptable. Separate TOMAHAWK accessories can be purchased in addition to this base model, transforming your new purchase from a shotgun, to a high powered sniper rifle, to snub nosed assault rifle in mere minutes. Everything from the foam molded grip, to the blinking indicator light is completely modular. Allowing the customer, NOT the manufacturer to build the perfect weapon that is best suited for the jobs and uses needed by the customer. Here at Stark Industries, we strive to satisfy the customers need for a better weapon. And this is our answer.

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