The T-50

Production information

Manufacturer: Blue Wave Industries

Model: T-50 Air Speeder


Technical specifications

Length 12.5 meters

Maximum speed: 1,540 km/h

Maximum altitude: 239 Meters

Engine unit(s): SFS P-sz9.7 Twin Ion Engines

Shielding: Deflector shields


  • Missile Tubes (2)

-Frontal Firing

  • Laser Cannons (2)

Crew: 1

The upgraded version of the old, modified T-47 Snowspeeder comes the new T-50 Attack Air Speeder, using the same ion engines as per the TIE Defender, the T-50 can accelerate to a terrifying speed of 1540 kilometers per hour It can intercept incoming targets from space and quickly eliminate them with its heavy missile tubes and laser cannons, located on its lower wing. With a high maximum altitude, almost double that of the old T-47, the new T-50 Attack Air Speeder can reach higher targets while dive bombing them from the air. Though it did not include the harpoon of the T-47, the missile tubes, capable of holding 4 missiles each, can quickly dispatch even an AT-AT from a higher distance without the deadly risk of being shot.

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