Tapani-class frigate

Tapani-class Assault Frigate

The Sword of Retribution was a Tapani-class assault frigate that served in the Famine Lord's personal fleet. The frigate was originally designed and constructed by the Tapani Starship Cooperative, then later modified by Twin Suns Transport Services. The vessel played a pivotal role in Dragus' scheme to impersonate the role of Lord of House Cadriaan during the NOE/Tapani conflict.

Several alterations were made to the ships interior. While the outside might appear as a product of the Tapani Empire, inside its hull it was clear that the frigate belonged to a Sith. The interior was spartan in decore, dimly lit, and with numerous narrow corridors and crawl spaces.

The emblem of House Cadriaan and the Azzameen family crest can both be seen printed across its hull. Unlike the rest of the warships in the Order, the Sword is not marked with the emblem of the NOE, in order to maintain its status as a patriot of Tapani space.

Notable Crewmembers Include

  • Captain Kreebo Lonestar
  • First Officer Shiv Kataal
  • Ensign Joel Hurwitz

Technical SpecificationsEdit

Length: 750 meters

Hull: Havod alloy

Hyperdrive Rating: Class 2.0, Backup Class 14

Crew: Crewmembers (3,550), Gunners (385)

Minimum Crew: Crewmembers (998)

Passengers: 800 troops

Cargo Capacities: 10,000 metric tons

Consumables: 2 years


  • 10 Quad Turbolaser Batteries(4 barrel)
  • 40 Turbolaser Batteries(2 barrel)
  • 30 Ion Cannon Batteries(2 barrel)
  • 90 Point Defense Laser Cannons

Fleet ComplementEdit

  • 12 Manta-class Assault Starfighters "Paucity Squadron"

Troop ComplementEdit

  • 800 NOE Stormtroopers
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