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Steffo Rancis/Draay
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47 ABY


Before 130 ABY

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1.79 meters

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Mousy Brown-Brown

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"Failure? No, failure is for only those who have already admitted defeat."
―Steffo Rancis[src]

Steffo Rancis was a Male Human Jedi Master and an accalimed and accomplished swordsman and Jedi Weapon Master from the planet Coruscant, he would later go on to become a Jedi battlemaster for creating Form VIII Baekjul/Bulgul and the Three tiers of Offense.

Steffo spent the early years of his life trying to live up to his fathers reputation, often burdened by feeling he under achieved or wounded by his own faillure, it wouldn't be until Steffo unraveled his past,that he would find the truth, and become a true Jedi. For years he went under the name Steffo Rancis believing it to be his birth name until discovering that he was heir to the Draay household, and his birth name was Aceleus Draay.

The wisdom, courage, skill and self sacrifice of Steffo Rancis, is legendary. In a long and adventurous career he has repeatedly risked his life to resolve great conflicts in fairness to both sides. On numerous occasions he has proven his worth to the leadership of the Jedi Order in many important missions and difficult negotiations. Rancis is a cool headed, and rather calm and collected man but is also capable of dramatic actions in the face of danger. A strong and wise Jedi who is always ready to risk himself, Steffo Rancis remains reluctant to risk or place the lives of others in danger.


Early life 47 ABY–50 ABYEdit

Little is known about Steffo's early life, and a great majority of it was concealed or destroyed by the Triumvirate. How severly he was tested upon remains unknown, as does his actual planet of birth.

What remains is that as a small child, he was kept in virtual sollitary confinement and numerous tests were carried out aggaisnt him, both mental, physical and pshycjological, his actions and reactions were monitored, and how he reacted to his environment was also taken into account.

Rise of the Brotherhood of the Sith 42 ABY–64 ABYEdit

The Unseen HandEdit

It had been several years now that the Jedi Order had remained somewhat prosperous. There had been little to bother the Jedi, and although the Sith remained, reports on their activities had fallen.

Unbeknownst to the Jedi Order, a United Sith front would arise, and not only challenge the Jedi Order, but match it in size and number as well as power. A combined Order had not been seen like this since the time of Lord Kaan and his Sith brotherhood. The Sith had taken to lurking and hiding in the shadows and soon a Sith Triumvirate would rise and give birth to a new Order and one man in particular would give rise to a new brotherhood, Lord Feral Ragnos would become the new Lord Kaan. Three Sith quietly joined forces, moving against the rule of two, and turning deaf ears to those who warned them against uniting. What was born was a new Sith Triumvirate. This fellowship was known as the Triumvirate of Shadow. The three Sith who founded and formed this deadly alliance were Lord Feral Ragnos. Lord Rath, and Lady Imanust. They sought a way and means to once more launch the rise of the Sith, to power. They began by spying and gathering information, they knew the Jedi were foolishly searching for any clues as to possible Sith presence. Lord Rath and Lady Imanust, intelligently infiltrated the Jedi Order, posing as Jedi. Lord Rath in particular had maintained a guise of being a Jedi since he was found and brought into the Order as an infant. This was to be only but a fragment of the beginning as to what they would bring about. Whilst the two Sith worked as unseen amongst the Jedi, Lord Ragnos had discovered a terrible truth.


What had been discovered, was that although it was widely known and believed that the spirit of Exar Kun, one of the most powerful Sith to have existed had been vanquished. The case was that because of Kun’s power, his soul had only been torn apart, and not destroyed. The Triumvirate gathered and saw that, this was the key to eventually destroying the Jedi, if the soul of Exar Kun, could be revived and then bent to their collective will, then the sheer power and destruction the Sith would be able to rent would be unfathomable. Through meditating for great lengths as a collective, the Triumvirate were able to locate the sources of Kun’s spirit, they then set about to locate the parts of his soul, and force them into Sith Statuettes. Once they had collected all the pieces of the Sith Lord’s soul, then they would release them. However they soon realized that they would not be able to force or meld Kun’s broken spirit back together, and therefore make him whole. They drew from this conclusion that the only way to make his spirit complete, was to draw the separate pieces of kun’s soul and force them into another body, and that this body must be living.


The Triumvirate began attempting to create the perfect host body, a body that would be able to stand up to immense physical and mental pain, and tolerate being embodied by another soul. They set up a base of operations on Coruscant, for as they correctly perceived, the last place the Jedi would search would be their own front doorstep. There first experiments began by taking vagabonds or those from the lower depths of Coruscant, and imbuing them with the force, it was soon realized from the results on these test subjects, that they were driven mad by suddenly being force sensitive. The first trial at an attempt was designated First Trial, First Force Fed, Non Sensitive or 1F1FFN. The Triumvirate would carry on using designations for the entire host bodies that they attempted to create. The Triumvirate through these first early tests was forced to destroy the beings they had made. They then moved to using force sensitive individuals. These trials proved to be more successful, although the subject would not go mad, it was perceived they could not tolerate the pain that they would undergo, when receiving the spirit of Exar Kun, and also did not posses enough Midichlorians to make the transfer possible. Lord Rath personally undertook the experiments, and after the failure of Fourth Trial, Second Force Fed, Sensitive or 4T2FFS. He realized that his own natural ability in Crucitorn could be engineered to ensure it was passed on. This was one of the first revelations that would lead to a successful host body. Crucitorn was the ability to withstand extreme physical pain, and if Rath could ensure that the host body could withstand physical pain, then not only could the host body withstand being empowered with a high degree of Midichlorians, the host body could survive the physical and mental pain of receiving the spirit of Lord Kun. Lord Rath relayed this to the other two members, and decided that a successful host with the ability of Crucitorn was most likely to come from the DNA of the original source. This led to Lord Rath using his own DNA, to form the structure of the host body. Cruelly he forced his wife Siela Kuro into the sick experiments to create a host body with a strong connection to the force and a high Midichlorian count. The first attempt was known as First Trial, First Force Fed, Original or 1T2FFO, the results were pleasing. Out of the all the TFFO host bodies created, the one that was the strongest and showed the best results was Fifth Trial, Third Force Fed, Original or 5T3FFO.

A Wise WarriorEdit

A small infant child was carried by a nurse to the Jedi temple. The nurse only would tell the Jedi, that everything they needed to know was on the holo-recorder she then gave them. When the recording was played to the whole Council at a meeting, the recording showed the child’s father to be Kiero Rancis. He told the Council, that his mission to seek out the dark mergence in the force that the Council had felt had placed him in grave danger; he believed this would be his lost contact with the Order. He further explained that although the Council knew Kiero had been romantically involved with fellow Jedi Knight Siela Kuro, what they didn’t know was that the relationship bore a son. Kiero spoke of his final wish, and that was for the child whom he called Steffo was to be trained as a Jedi. A Jedi Council was immediately called together, the Council led by Grand Master Deetz Stromcrow. A lengthy debate between the Councilors ended in the fact, that the child could not be overlooked, and was very strong in the force, and despite how the child may have been conceived, the Jedi could not turn away such a potentially strong Jedi. Steffo was trained from birth, just like Jedi infants used to be in the time of the Old Republic. As a youngling Steffo showed he had great potential and power, but somewhat lacked clarity and control. It was noted that he could sometimes let his emotion get the better of him.

"I was troubled today by hearing that young Steffo Rancis single handidly ripped apart a training room, when over wrought with failure. I have never before seen such a degree of power displayed, especially in one so young, more troubling still, is the youngling’s seemingly emotional instability."
―Taken from the private journals of Grand Master Deetz Stromcrow

The observations made by the Council upon studying the young boy, they decided to review his character, some spoke of the re-occurrence of having another Anakin Skywalker on their hands. Yet this was swiftly cast aside and it was agreed that an experience Jedi Master should oversee Steffo’s training.

Settlement at MinbanEdit

Steffo was undertaken as Jedi Padawan, to Jedi Master and High Councilor Efron Platell at the relative young age of six. Efron was renowned for being a good tactician as well as providing a field of expertise in foresight. For the first few months Steffo remained at the temple, and undertook the same lessons as his other youngling class mates. It was duly noted that Steffo although was one of the top in his class for most things, he excelled and thrived at dueling. His Lightsabre lessons were overseen by Master Eath Nav the orders Weapon Master. Master Nav even pitted Steffo against opponents older than him, deeming that Steffo was learning nothing more amongst his youngling peers. Efron and his young Padawan were summoned before the Council, and sent on a mission to Minban. The crux of the mission revolved around a dispute between two groups on Minban. If unchecked then Civil war upon Minban was most likely to erupt. The Council deemed that it would be a good experience for young Steffo.

"We are sending you to Minban, we want you to secure negotiations and if possible a peace agreement, I think this provides a sound opportunity for young Rancis to see and learn about negotiation first hand."
―Master Fashen Pultras upon dispatching Master Efron Platell and his Padawan Steffo Rancis
Steffo and efron

Steffo and Efron platell

The duo arrived on a marked diplomatic shuttle; it was not a particularly difficult affair to settle. The dispute being about the rights to land, what was difficult was ascertaining which of the Minban Families, truly had sole claim. Efron was going to split the land equally between them, until his young Padawan asked if that was truly fair since it seemed to his young mind that there shouldn’t be a shortage of land, and that everyone should have enough. Efron looked past the child’s naivety. The young boy had made him look again at the situation, and when he re-evaluated, he noticed that the tribes fighting over land, had been forced into a small pocket of Minban by a mining co-operative. After contacting the Jedi Council, Efron delved into how the mining company obtained the land, they discovered that the mining co-operation had carried out on illegal deal with the Senator of Minban. Under nightfall Steffo stole into the Senators apartments on Minban and took information which proved that the Senator had given the co-operation the land in exchange that they paid him a handsome sum of credits and ensured he would get into office, by fixing votes. When Steffo returned his actions were questioned, despite the young Jedi not having act entirely within appropriate guidelines, he had helped to uncover the scheme, and solved the Minban issues over land. This was noted by the Council, they did see Steffo’s approach as a little unorthodox, yet they could see that his eagerness and youth had led to what he did.

"Without a doubt he shows audacity, although a little uncouth, nothing that cannot be amended by a little guidance.

Guidance, I would say his over willingness and exuberance, although not bad traits, he should be taught to not get carried away by duty, and over look protocol."

―Master Deetz Stromcrow and Master Fashen Pultrass discussing Steffo Rancis

Son of RancisEdit

Steffo spent two solid years at the Jedi Temple upon Coruscant. During which time he furthered his knowledge and skills, particularly in duelling. He would spend hours in the archives studying forms and movements from each form. He was encouraged by Master Eath Nav who Steffo was spending his free time with. He practiced katas and strokes from the early forms, such as Shi Cho and Makashi. To begin with Steffo favoured and enjoyed the smooth and fast precision given by using Makashi. The ease simplicity, it was a form his own Master used, and he took to practicing the form. Yet was encouraged by Master Nav to learn Shi Cho, for its defence in particular against blaster bolts which was fundamental, and something Makashi lacked. Whilst in the archives Steffo came across his own last name, when he went to access the file it was prohibited to his use. Curious and a little surprised he sought out Efron, in search of an answer. It was plain to see that Steffo was curious about where he came from, and to who his parents were. Efron was surprised Steffo wished to know, but understood, when his Padawan told him about his encounter with the archives. Efron showed him to his computer terminal and brought up a holographic projection of a man, who was dark haired and green eyed. Steffo was struck with the similarities between his appearance and the man shown before him. Efron then told Steffo that he was the son of the man before them Kiero Rancis. Efron went on to say that the Council had found out that Kiero was Steffo’s father, via a holo-projection he had recorded. Efron conveyed to Steffo his regret that his father was no longer with the Order, and had died upon an important and dangerous mission.. Steffo would not get an answer as to how or why for a very long time.


Aged ten years old Steffo’s ability was developing rapidly. Steffo found out more about his father, and being told by Efron and master Nav that his father was a great Jedi Knight, and a top swordsman. Not only this, but he was destined to be granted the rank of Jedi Master, and was predetermined to be the next Weapon Master.

"You have inherited your father’s gift with a blade, his deftness and speed, I foresee that you would not disappoint him, he was a great man."
―Master Eath Nav speaking to Steffo about Kiero Rancis.

Steffo now felt in awe of the great things his father did, and he wished to be as good as his father was said to have been. Although those who spoke of Kiero were always kind in their words, there words were far from the truth, and only brought about the young boy to bestow upon himself a duty of living up to his father’s shadow. It was on a mission to Anzat that Efron was amazed to find Steffo had precognitive abilities. He himself was well versed in foresight, but he later remarked that his talent looked like a child’s toy compared to the natural ability his Padawan possessed. The mission on Anzat had the pair confront a pirate gang, which was becoming all too notorious. The duo was forced with their backs to a wall trapped against a bulkhead with twenty pirates bearing down on them. Steffo told Efron that despite being told by the pirates there was no escape, he said if they surrendered an opportunity would reveal itself later. After there escape from being imprisoned by the gang, Efron asked Steffo how he knew that surrendering would lead to them being able to eventually escape. Steffo replied that it came to him in a vision. Master Deetz Stromcrow spoke with Steffo and told him that he had the ability of foresight to an extreme level. He said that the last known person to have had such a talent was Jedi Master Mace Windu. He revealed to Steffo that this ability which seemed to have presented itself to Steffo naturally was known as “Shatterpoint”. It was the ability to not only see flashes of the future but to be able to see others flaws and weaknesses and thus being able to expose them in battle.

The Gathering StormEdit

The High Council once more summoned Efron Platell and Steffo Rancis before them. They told Steffo and his master, that a pirate gang called “Ravens Black Marauders” had been troubling the galaxy for some time. The Council spoke of their fears, believing that the pirate gang was harboring a darker more sinister motive. For reasons the Council could not perceive the pirate gang had gone from causing disputes, to waging small scale wars. Master Stromcrow spoke of how this was out of place, and hinted that a darker hand was acting from behind the scenes. The Council chose to send Master and Padawan, for the pair had good precognitive skills, which the Council hoped would provide further insight. Furthermore the duo had encountered the gang before two years ago on Minban. Master and Padawan were swiftly dispatched to Anoth, where the activities of the gang had last been reported. The Jedi quickly discovered that the locals seemed reluctant to speak of any activities, and it was quickly realized that they were held silent by fear. Efron offered the people protection, and told them that the Jedi Order would not stand needlessly by, whilst other lives were being threatened. After scouting around for any information and finding little, they took to attempting to find the Marauders base of operations. A large packaging company “Ozcorp Packaging” aroused their suspicions. For two weeks they monitored the company, watching workers go in, and spotted some odd packages arriving. They also noticed that whilst they surveyed the place, that often workers would go in, and would not come back out. The Jedi decided to travel to Anoth’s seedier underworld, hoping to find someone with information or links to the Company. They came across a man who would sell the Jedi a holo recording that he said proved the packaging company was a front. Steffo tricked the man into winning the holo recording by playing and winning a game of Sabaac. With the holo recording secured, which when played showed a Lambda class shuttle landing near the Company quarters. A being garbed and hidden by a black cloak was seen to exit the shuttle and enter the company quarters. The Jedi then studied the recorded flight records and freighter records of the company. They learned that the company didn’t own or have as using Lambda class shuttles. Efron contacted the Jedi Council immediately, the Council confirmed that the Jedi were to investigate and infiltrate the company. Efron conveyed to the Council that the dark figure seen was indeed mysterious, and that he was not certain that it boded well. Disguised as would be workers for Ozcorp, Efron and Steffo infiltrated the base of operations. As new workers, they were not given access to all areas, and were sent to the packaging plant. The pair bided their time, but after a month of seeing nothing that would allude to the fact, that this was nothing more than a packaging company. They decided that under the fall of night, they would investigate further. Gaining access to the secret areas they found that the company was being sued as a front to receive arms. The shuttles would land bringing arms and the company had its unknowing workers package at first medical equipment for building a laboratory. Recently the company run by the pirate gang was packaging and sending crystals not dissimilar to those used in the construction of a Lightsaber. It was clear to the Jedi that someone was giving the pirate gang arms to wage wars with in exchange that they sue the packaging plant to send to them anything they wished. Going behind the scenes at the plant enabled the Jedi to break into one of the boxes before it was packaged and take one of the crystals. Neither Steffo nor Efron had any idea what the crystals were being used for, or who by. The Jedi had to make their escape after their cover was blown, by the disgruntled man who felt he had been cheated out of losing the game of Sabaac to Steffo. Steffo and Efron were cornered in a hanger bay faced with the latest line in Jedi Killers. Master and Padawan fought seamlessly as one to fend off the JK droids and managed to make their escape by boarding one of the outgoing shuttles. The shuttle rather interestingly was headed for Coruscant’s industrial quarter, upon landing the duo made their escape. Leaving the vessel, they stayed close by and took note and watched on as the strange boxes of crystals were transported by speeder to one of the larger warehouses. The warehouse was unmarked and did not stand out against any of the others. The speeders flight path was easily lost, and the warehouse it entered remained unknown. The Jedi reported back to the High Council, the council were uncertain of what the crystals could be used for. They sent the crystal to be examined, and in the meantime deemed that Master Eath Nav would go and find the warehouse in Coruscant’s industrial sector, and determine where the crystals were going, what they were being used for, and more importantly who wanted them. The Council conveyed that there was a possibility that the Sith or some similar organisation were attempting to revive the “Reborn”. With no further clues the Council decided that Efron and Steffo should remain in the temple at present.

Weapon of a JediEdit

Efron was pleased with his Padawan’s progress. Whilst back at the temple Steffo trained with his Master. He further developed his sabre skills and showed a greater degree of control in telekinesis. When Steffo had been assigned as Master Platell’s Padawan learner Efron had given him a lightsaber. It was of a simple design, not unlike a training sabre. Now Efron deemed Steffo should construct his first sabre. Steffo set about constructing his blade under the watchful eye of his Master. Steffo used the temples surplus of Lightsaber crystals; his finished blade was a blue colour. The hilt was curved like his Master’s and the blade did resemble Efron’s quite closely. Efron talked with Steffo about how impressed both he and the council were. Telling Steffo he was already well on his way to becoming a Jedi Knight. Speaking with Steffo he said that a Jedi’s weapon should be used for defence, never used rashly or with anger. The blade was not just a weapon for the defence of others, but was a symbol that could potentially diffuse a hostile situation, without the blade being ignited.


Steffo Rancis' first Lightsaber

Dark TidingsEdit

The Jedi Council finally feel it is time to relay what they know and what they believe to be the truth. They call forth Steffo and his Master Platell. Master Stormcrow reveals that they have been aware of a gathering and ensuing darkness for some time, yet the Council were uncertain of what or where the darkness was coming from, neither could they tell what the possible threat was. Therefore they sent Kiero Rancis to investigate, he drew ever closer to discovering the growing darkness, in a series of missions, it was revealed to the Council that there was an unknown Dark Mergence. Kiero was sent to discover what or who the dark mergence was, the Council regretfully tell of how in his last transmission he feared he would not return, after this Kiero is known to have died. The Council are further worried, because they now have been led to believe that pirate gang “Ravens Black Marauders” are somehow involved and are under this dark influence. Not only this, but that Master Eath Nav had not returned from his investigation, the Council believed that whatever the dark plans were, they did not bode well, and that the Council must act quickly senseing that the danger could destroy the Jedi Order. Efron and Steffo are immediately dispatched to the planet Hoth, where the most recent activity concerning the Raven’s marauders came from, the Council hoped that the Marauders could not only be tracked, but also the link that would lead them to discovering the dark mergence could be discovered. Hoth seemed an unlikely and desolate place to travel to, it was an inhospitable planet, and it seemed unlikely that the Marauders would have a base of operations here. Efron and Steffo followed the coordinates they had been given, which did indeed lead them to an abandoned mineral mine. They searched the mine for any information, but they found that the place although had been used as a base, and quite possibly by the marauders, it was now abandoned. Efron reported back to the council upon their findings, the duo continue their futile search for any clues. A white walled corridor blinking with lights would be the last thing Steffo recalled. A sudden abrupt and heavy fall of snow left Steffo trapped and alone, unknown to Steffo he fell into hibernation trace and used tapas to keep himself alive. He later awoke in the medical bay of the Jedi Temple, the Council were amazed to find Steffo had survived, they told him he had been buried for two weeks and had somehow survived, the Jedi rescue team told them the Council that Steffo had been in a deep hibernation trance. Steffo remained in the temple walls until the Council considered him ready once more for active duty, he was told that Efron Platell had mysteriously disappeared, but the cave in which had trapped Steffo seemed to have been caused by an unnatural shift in the snow. There were also some lightsaber scorch marks found on some of the consoles nearby and signs of a struggle. The Council were troubled deeper than before.


Tolfan Brusters

Jedi Master Tolfan Brusters

Aged 14 Steffo was assigned to Jedi Master Tolfan Brusters. Brusters was a relatively young and un-experienced Jedi Master. For the next eight months Steffo still remains in the temple on Coruscant. With his time spent here, he learns from Master Brusters about the living force, and further develops his manipulation of the force; Steffo begins to display a strong power in manipulating the environment around him, and seems very much in touch with natural powers. It is not long before the Council dispatch the new Master and Padawan team to re-look into the disappearance of Eath Nav, despite having already conducting a search and sending senior Jedi Master Fashen Pultress, the Council grow more desperate to find the links and answers before the threat is too great. There search ends up leading them to depart on a mission, travelling to Kashyyyk to deal with what seemed a darker threat. The Jedi Master and his Padawan learner had found a data log which was seemingly overlooked as being trivial; the data log had been partially erased. Yet it was clear from the log that Kashyyyk could prove to be important to discovering the “Marauders” attempts and finding the unseen mover behind it all.

"He came today, he was displeased. I do not know why Kas……agreed to working for the S…………………..I believe it can only bring about th………….and the possible……………of the Marauders. The last shipment had been sent though, this means this plant is…………….tting down, after that……came, Lo……………..decided it was to be done, now they are moving us to Kash…….k. I did here that it was just a……………………………."
―The damaged holo-recording found by Tolfan Brusters.

The Jedi land discreetly on Kashyyk, Master Brusters meets with a Wookie tribe, he speaks to the Wookie’s and learns that they have been enslaved to build a structure; they believe it to be some sort of temple. The Wookie chief tells Master Tolfan that the materials get delivered by shuttle, and the building is being built under the instruction of “Ravens Black Marauders.” The Jedi are puzzled, the Wookie chief tells Steffo and Efron nothing more, afraid of the threat of permanent slavery. Master Brusters and Steffo report to the Council, Master Stromcrow tells Master Brusters that the structure must be investigated into, and it is most likely the Marauders are building the structure for someone or something. Steffo and Tolfan move to infiltrate the semi built structure and discover its motive, whilst searching for answers they come face to face with a cloaked and shrouded dark figure. The figure does not speak, but ignites a red bladed lightsaber and attacks the pair of Jedi. Master Brusters orders Steffo to retreat and go back to the Council and speak of all he has seen; Tolfan tells Steffo he will join him shortly. Obeying his Masters instructions, Steffo rushes to Coruscant and speaks with the Council. The Council admit that their worst fears have been realised and the growing darkness and disappearance of Jedi is because of the Sith. The Council state that they did not wish it to be so, but now there is mounting evidence to prove that the Sith Order is at hand. They tell Steffo to remain in the temple, and call back all Jedi to the Coruscant temple for instruction, Master Tolfan Brusters does not return. Two years later prior to Steffo passing his Jedi trials. Young Rancis goes in search of Master Brusters after remaining Masterless, and still sorrow struck, Steffo begins to track down his former Master.

Steffo discovers that Master Brusters was taken to Coruscant. Steffo does not contact the Jedi Order, he moves to seek out and find his Master, his path takes him back to Coruscant where he discovers the Marauders hideout, based in the industrial sector of Coruscant. It is the same hideout where the shuttle’s cargo of crystals had been headed for four years ago. The Marauders had been basing there operations from right under the noses of the Jedi Order. Steffo storms the base, and makes his way to the fifth floor, where he is forced to surrender by overwhelming odds. Steffo wakes to find he is held captive in a cell, and that Master Brusters is also a prisoner held captive by Efron Platell. Steffo cannot believe his first Master would betray him, or the Jedi. Fron Steffo is forced to face the truth when Efron confronts Steffo. He tells Steffo, that he has an unimaginable power with in him. The power within Steffo can be fully harnessed by the darkside. Efron tries to convince Steffo to join him, and become his Padawan again, but Steffo senses a darkness surrounding Efron, so refuses. Efron tortures Steffo and Master Brusters. He reveals he was the shrouded cloaked figure they encountered on Kashyyyk, and that he has crossed over to the darkside. He tells Steffo, that the arrogant and blind ways of the Jedi are over, and that he does not believe the Jedi through their philosophy can bring about what their dogma states.


Steffo draws upon his inner power to kill Efron Platell

Efron releases Steffo from his cell, and tells Steffo he will kill Brusters, just as he killed his Steffo’s father. He shows Steffo his father’s lightsaber. Efron states that Tolfan Brusters will die if Steffo does not bend to his will. He tells Steffo he had great power, but only through the darkside can he reach his full potential. Steffo is angered and saddened that Efron has betrayed him, and murdered his father. As Steffo refuses to join him, Efron kills Brusters. Overcome by grief and emotion, Steffo unlocks his full power, and drawing his father’s lightsaber into his hand brutally attacks Efron. Steffo brings such powerful and savage force attacks as well as lightsaber blows, and is totally relentless in his attack. Steffo easily overcomes Efron before killing him. Steffo breaks down in tears, and a dark claoked figure emerges from the shadow. He tells Steffo, that the Jedi Order will not take him back and that he has taken his first step toward the darkside, and the only way now was to join the darkside. He tells Steffo, that he could unleash such power because he drew on the darkside and that if he trained he could become the most powerful Sith ever, and far more powerful, then any known Jedi. In his weakened vulnerable state, and confused by his actions Steffo agrees. The Sith Lord reveals he is Lord Rath, and he will take Steffo as his apprentice. The dark figure tells Steffo that Efron wanted to use him, to his own ends, and that through the darkside he can avenge his father’s death.

Death of the CouncilEdit

The Council unwittingly do not know of the terrible events, Steffo had discovered that the “Black Marauders” were only a tool and a ruse to distract and occupy the Jedi, whilst the Sith Order worked in secret, now they had risen and would bring about the shattering of the Jedi order. The Sith Order had managed to turn both Efron and Eath Nav, the Jedi Council was weakened, and now they would deal the final and fatal blow. The Sith Order had worked undercover for a long time, using Efron as their spy and perpetrator, through him they made sure the Jedi did not, and would not fully discover the true plan until it was too late. Steffo had been taken to Ziost to begin his Sith training, and then Lord Rath brought into motion the Triumvirate of Shadows plan. Rath was certain after the disappearance of Efron, Eath Nav, and Master Brusters the Jedi Council would dispatch a senior member to deal with the next occurrence. Lord Rath travelled to Kashyyyk overseeing the final stages of the Sith temple that was being constructed. Lord Rath engineered his plan, so that his presence would be known. The Jedi dispatched three of Jedi Councillors. Wookie Jedi Master Woraluya, Twilek Jedi Master Sonma Tulya, and Female Jedi Master Sofya Tu-Wan landed openly on kashyyyk, as a show of force; they moved to place Lord Rath under arrest. Lord Rath drew the Jedi into the temple, taunting the Jedi, he worked to separate and divide their combined force. Lord Rath wielded his two crimson blades holding of the Jedi with his mastery of Jar-Kai. He used force wave to drive Wookie Master Woraluya into a wall rendering him semi unconscious. With a vicious display of lightsaber skill, he force pulled Sonma Tulya on to his awaiting blade, before beheading her. With the recovery of Master Woraluya, Lord Rath led the jedi to a narrow corridor, where they could not fight him both at the same time. Rath cleaved the right arm of Sofya Tu-Wan leaving him to face the lone wookie Jedi Master. The wookie was a strong fighter, Woraluya managed to destroy one of Rath’s blades, yet was overcome easily by a powerfull torrent of force lightning. Rath then ended the duel by pulling down the ceiling upon both Sofya Tu-Wan and Woraluya. Lord Rath leaves the temple; so far he had turned Eath Nav to the darkside, and had destroyed three members of the jedi Council. In the space of two weeks Lord Rath played out his plan of luring or tracking the remaining members of the Jedi Council, until two were left, Master Fashen Pultress and Grand Master Deetz Stromcrow, two of the Jedi Orders foremost senior members and not to be underestimated.

The Great SchismEdit

The Jedi Order had already begin to lose hope and faith in those who were chosen to guide them, with the death of nearly all the Council, many Jedi had already either begun to be drawn toward the darkside or had left the Order, believing that the Jedi Council had failed them. The Coruscant temple became rather more silent. Some of the higher priority members had moved away to build their own Jedi Orders. With the beginning of the fracturing of the Order, and the death of most of the Council, the Triumvirate of Shadow had succeeded in the first part of their plan. In a bold statement, Lord Rath and Lady Imanust led a charge upon the Jedi Temple of Coruscant. Taking a band of gathered followers, some whom had been Jedi, they attacked the temple, to set about to kill the last remaining Jedi Councillors. Lord Rath met with Master Deetz Stormcrow in the Jedi Council chambers, the near death of the Jedi Order, would come with the death of the Grand Master. Lord Rath was un-relenting in his attack, yet he could not overcome the smaller older man. Master Stromcrow recognized Lord Rath’s presence as one he had felt before, seizing upon Stromcorws surprise, Rath called upon the darkside of the force impaling the Grand Master with a spear of midnight black, not beofe Rath’s left eye was gauged out by the Grand Master. In a similar well matched duel Lady Imanust waged a battle with Master Pultress, the duo were stuck in deadlock until Lady Imanust drew forth her legendary Sith swords, imbued with the power of the force, she drives a tremendous whirlwind at Master Pultress, hammering him with debris, before drawing him into the air and crushing his body. The Jedi were overcome with panic and grief, those whom had remained believeing and wanting to hold onto the remnants of the Order, were either killed or scattered. For several years the Coruscant Temple would lie virtually dead, and the Jedi Order would never again appear whole as it once did.

Rise of the Sith OrderEdit

The Triumvirate of Shadow had caused the splintering of the Jedi Order, in secret the Triumvirate was but a tool, to lead to the rise of a new sith order. The temple on Kashyyyk was to become home to this new Order, where the most elite Sith would be formed and trained, the academy was overseen by Lord Feral Ragnos. However there were still those who remained unmoved from their view that the Order should be overseen and guided by a Jedi Council, this group of Jedi sought to hunt down the three Sith, Lord Ragnos, lord Rath, and Lady Imanust, Many attempts were made to get to all three, but the attempts were made in vain. Feral Ragnos had gathered power quickly, and had begun to gather his followers to him; the Triumvirate virtually vanished, to make way for the Sith Brotherhood and the temple order of kashyyyk. Lord Rath seamlessly disappeared without a trace, vanishing from the known universe. Howeevr Lady Imanust was tracked down to Ziost. A group of Jedi led by Jedi Knight Saeon Faust, surrounded her, and using their combined forces, they create an unsurpassable wall of light. With Lady Imanust held captive, these Jedi decided to place her in stasis, deeming it was not the Jedi way to kill. Instead they led the Sith Lady, to a Star Destroyer where they placed her in complete stasis, only her mind was left to wander and think, the Star Destroyer was then abandoned to roam amongst the stars never to be found.

With Imanust capture and incapacitated state, and Rath having disappeared, although there were reports and accounts of sightings and even his death, but these were all disregarded, eventually both members of the infamous triumvirate would slip from memory and would become almost forgotten. However Lord Ragnos remained and left as the sole survivor he declared a new Sith Order, under his rule, to unite all Sith against the fractured Jedi forces.

Descent into DarknessEdit

Steffo remained on Ziost in a hidden temple there where he was trained by several Sith, but now the temple was fast becoming stale, the temple had been overseen by Lord Rath, after his disappearance, Lady Imanust was oversaw the progress of training, yet she had now been taken by the Jedi, and the growth of the Kashyyk temple was known by all. Lord Ragnos offered power and unification, and above all freedom. Steffo’s time at the temple was not ill spent he was a strong and notable student, displaying great promise in skills such as force crush and force lightning, as well as a continuation of his duelling skills. Steffo abandoned Makashi for the more aggressive and emotionally charged Shien/Djem So. A lightsaber form that Steffo found suited his new desire. However Steffo spent a turbulent two years as a Sith apprentice, finding that he could not get rid of the shadow of doubt and regret that hung over him. Despite his Masters encouragement to fully embrace the darkness, and the overwhelming desire to seek his true potential and true power, he could not full concentrate nor draw upon such emotion. Steffo was emotionally imbalanced. Despite his great promise the Masters lost interest in anyone who did no deliver their full potential. It was then that the Sith temple on Ziost would be abandoned, it was decreed by the masters that remained, that the Kashyyyk temple offered greater promise and tutelage for the devotees of the darkside. It was arranged for all students to be transferred, by shuttle, it was then that Steffo decided he needed time to think.

The New Sith War 64 ABY–80 ABYEdit

The Phoenix RisesEdit

Steffo new that he felt the regret and pain for his actions, because he was sorry for them, therefore rather than draw upon his fear and sorrow, which would give him power, but also lock his destiny to follow the darkside. Steffo wanted to amend his actions, earn forgiveness, it was his heart that led him away from the brink of darkness, and this decision would lead Steffo to become a strong and wise Jedi. With no one to turn to or seek counsel from, Steffo still harboured a great turmoil and inner darkness with in him, it would be a darkness he would carry for seven years.

Raven’s MaraudersEdit

Aged 18 years of age Steffo moved with the other apprentices of the temple, but having made up his mind, he would seek the opportunity to escape the Sith Order. The Masters and apprentices would move to board the shuttles headed for the Kashyyyk temple, Steffo stole away to hide in the temple. It was the fact that Steffo was relatively regarded as a failure by the Sith Masters, which led to the fact that he was overlooked. Steffo remained until the last shuttle departed, and remained in the temple as the last apprentice, but his ties with the Sith from that day on, he thought would be broken. Two days later a battered shuttle bearing an all too familiar emblem of “Ravens Black marauders” landed near the temple, the pirate gang had arrived to loot anything they thought worth taking, and in coming across Steffo, were going to kill him. Steffo convinced them to take him along as part of the crew, and he would lead them to any left artefacts that would be worth selling. Upholding to his end of the bargain, the marauders accepted him and inaugurated him into the guild. Steffo’s time with the marauders was short, but he learned in his time spent with them, that their leader known as “Raven the Black.” And all of those who had had dealings with the Sith Lord known as Lord Rath had all been killed by one of Rath’s minions. Since then the Marauders had nearly all but collapsed, now the pirate gang were lowered to virtually scavenging, long were their days of glory gone. There leader was now known as “Claw” and he told Steffo that, they were taking up contracts and would move from pirating to being hired mercenaries. Steffo travelled with the newly named “Claws Marauders” aboard the “Eagles Talon”the marauders though were not too successful at recovering any bounties. So they took to couriering spices and goods. Steffo was charged with delivering gliterstim spice to Tatooine, on his way his shuttle encountered an ion storm which incapacitated his shuttle. The vessel careened and rapidly began freefalling toward the gravitational pull of the planet nearby. Chance would have it Steffo was over Yavin IV when the incident occurred. Steffo would later remark that it was fate and destiny rather than chance that led to him crashing. The vessel slowed when it reached the planet’s atmosphere, Steffo managed to bring the repulsor systems back online, firing the vectoring thrusters to slow the crafts descent. The vessel made a heavy crash landing in the jungle forrest which surrounded the temple of Exar Kun.

Return to the OrderEdit

Semi unconscious, Steffo was hauled from the wreckage of the craft by the Yavin IV temple sentries. Steffo was taken to the legendary Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV where he made a full recovery in the med-bay. After Steffo was fit enough, he met with the academies Grand Master, Jedi Master Ander Tagira. Steffo explained to the Jedi, that he belonged to the pirate gang “Claws Marauders.” And that he wished to return, he told Ander if he could have someone take him as far as tatooine, he was certain he could be picked up. However Ander’s astute senses had indeed sensed Steffo’s force presence, although it was rather feint and distant. He extended his hospitality to Steffo and implored him to remain a while until such transport could be arranged. Unknown to Steffo Ander had asked Steffo to remain, in hope that he would choose to be trained as a Jedi. Ander was unaware of Steffo’s past, and did not want to turn down the prospect of training another force sensitive. Steffo gladly accepted Ander’s hospitality, believing it to be just as it seemed. Steffo remained at the academy for another three weeks; he was even encouraged to take a look at the surroundings. It began to dawn on Steffo that the wile Jedi Master had sensed Steffo’s force potential. Steffo met again with Master Tagira confessing to the older man, that he was once a Jedi, but he did not wish to return to training. Ander told Steffo he would not and could not force him, and only his heart should guide him, yet he told Steffo that, to walk away from becoming a Jedi, would be to give up, after sensing the imbalanced state of the younger man. Ander said that Steffo could find peace and balance amongst the students and at the temple, even if he didn’t train, it would give him an inner peace. Steffo decided that he would indeed stay, having sought to find a way to quieten his turbulent mind, Steffo spent the majority of the next few months at the Yavin IV Praxeum. Steffo spent most of his in quiet solitude in the temples gardens.

Drawing the bladeEdit

Steffo was watching a lesson being taught in lightsaber combat, the lesson was being overseen by a Zabrak Jedi Master. After the lesson was drawn to a close, and the students left, Steffo withdrew a training saber from the bag which had been left. Steffo took the weapon and began moving through some simple velocities that he remembered, Steffo was so involved, he failed to notice the Zabrak Jedi Master watching him. The Jedi crossed over to Steffo and said that Steffo had a gift with the blade, and conveyed he was surprised at how much Steffo had retained. The Zabrak introduced himself as Bahari Nav, Steffo recalled the name Nav before, but he did not mention it. Bahari told Steffo that he had never seen anyone move with such fluidity, comenting on how the blade and Steffo were almost one complete being, moving together.

"My eyes were open today when this pirate, this Steffo Rancis displayed, such raw talent with a Lightsaber, like none I have seen for a long time, he is a curious fellow, and is possessed of an intensity of which I have never seen, it cannot be denied this young man is gifted."
―Taken from the diary and memoirs of Bahari Nav

After speaking with Master Tagira, Bahari offered to improve Steffo’s technique with the blade, Steffo found that it was when he became involved in the intensity of wielding a blade, his past worries and fears fell from his shoulders, he no longer carried the burden, through duelling he was free. Steffo agreed to learn the art of lightsaber duelling from Master Nav, it was shortly after that Steffo was apprenticed to Jedi Master Trelife Rite. Trelife was one of the Praxeums most gifted force users, being known to have mastery of several force techniques and in search to become balanced and well rounded, Trelife knew and taught both lightside and darkside techniques.

Re-igniting the flameEdit

Steffo’s training under the duel tutelage of Master Trelife and Master Nav, meant that Steffo’s skills grew rapidly. Due to his previous training, Steffo recalled and remembered a great deal of his knowledge. Steffo became a common face, and was openly accepted as a member of the temple, it was in his first year at the temple that Steffo would meet a friend; little did he know that they would become close and good friends, and share many adventures together. It was in one of the academies training rooms that Steffo encountered a black haired youth about the same age as himself. The young man was going training, by repeatedly practicing the velocities of Soresu. Steffo had lately become a little self confident with his improving skill; the youth appeared to be the same age and similarly a trainee at the temple. Steffo boldly challenged the other learner to a duel, Steffo won the following training duel, although his opponents skill with Soresu was good, Steffo overcame him using Shien/Djem So. Afterward he introduced himself as Tonaris Phedi, but he preferred to be called Ton. Steffo and Ton soon became fast friends, training together and helping each other to develop in skill and knowledge. Despite this Ton was naturally an ace pilot as well as a brilliant mechanic. Ton could create practically anything from bits and pieces, much to Steffo’s amazement.

Dark OneEdit

The galaxy that Steffo had returned to was bustling and was a thrum of activity, his time away from the Jedi Order, had meant that he had lost track of galactic events slightly. However there was still one common threat and that was the Sith Order. Two days after Steffo’s nineteenth birthday the temple would come under threat by a Sith Lord, known only as “Dark One.” Steffo joined Master Bahari and Master Trelife in aiming to fend off the threat and defend the academy. Dark One easily overcame Steffo with the use of force lightning, but Bahari blocked the worst of the blast. Steffo’s blade was destroyed in the process, given a spare blade by Bahari the trio succeeded in giving Dark One, no opportunity but to retreat from the academy. Both Masters noted how well Steffo had dealt with the attack, and Trelife stated that Steffo was almost again a Jedi Knight once more. His last task would be to create a new lightsaber blade on the completion of the blade, Steffo would confirm he was ready to be a Jedi Knight, and would have successfully passed the trials. Steffo travelled to the crystal caves on Dantooine, where he encountered a rare crystal which was black in colour. The crystal was a rarity; Steffo had to delve deep into the caves, going deeper than most had prior to his visit. Finding the crystal and guided by the force Steffo successfully mined the crystal, and on making his way back to the surface, a cave in occurred, large rocks two to three times the size of Steffo hurtled towards him, as he ascended toward the entrance. However once more Steffo came of unscathed, just as he had survived the frozen plains of Hoth, Steffo survived the falling debris, the rocks glanced of a shield which Steffo had somehow created, through the force, yet he was not consciously aware of the fact that he had created it. Steffo began to wander how it was possible he could harness such power. Steffp kept the disturbing event to himself, and left Dantooine and the crystal caves behind, returning to Yavin IV to construct his new Lightsaber. Steffo constructed two hilts, Steffo managed the very difficult task of harnessing the black crystal, many before had tried to create a pure black blade, but had failed, some with disastrous consequences. Steffo tested his blades to find they worked perfectly, emitting a blade of pure black, like the dead of night.

Dragon SquadronEdit

After the attack on the Accademy, Master Tagira wished to ensure his students and teachers safety. Therefore he an Accademy squadron was created, with the influence of Ksandra Mallan, Ander Tagira, Ronin Starflare and Jago PulastraDragon Squadron” was created. Steffo was eager to defend the academy and fulfil his role as a Jedi to guard and protect the galaxy. Steffo and Ton, both joined the squadron, Steffo was Dragon 15 in the original squadron. The squadron was led by the experienced and renowned pilot Ksandra Mallan. Ksandra was a Jedi Master at the academy, and had been around for a very long time; she was a survivor of the clone wars and even served as Qui Gon Jinn’s Padawan at a period in her life. Joining the squadron was the start of Steffo moving to fulfil his duty, and to become a well known name and face, as a representative of the Jedi Order. Steffo was a good pilot, admittedly not as good as Ton, but still he presented an array of skills in the cockpit, mostly his initiative to act quickly and to evade danger.

Knight AdvisorEdit

Steffo had been a Jedi Knight for eight months, when he found that the Jedi Order had re-constructed a High Jedi Council. The new Grand Master was a diminutive Kushubian called Ikrit Loki. Amongst the councillors were Master Tagira, Master Nav, and a Jedi master named Kwai Ming. Kwai Ming was one of the most respected and aged Jedi in the Order; he also was a survivor of Emperor Palpatines Order 66. Rather than choose to take up teaching, or a more desk based job, Kwai, was still an active and influential senior member of the Jedi Council. Master kwai would be a man whom Steffo would gain a lot of respect for and would serve with him for four years. After becoming an active member of the Jedi Order, Steffo soon became involved in the great galactic upheaval. In a short space of months, Steffo was involved in several disputes, which needed the aid of the Jedi Order. Steffo was remained and eager and exuberant member, who could be relied upon. His devotion and resolve as well as his keenness, hard work and good negotiation skills made him a valuable resource to the Order. It was quickly agreed by the Jedi Council to add six Knight Advisors to the Council. There job was to aid and help the Council in protecting the galaxy and coming to the need of any who requested it, or of those who were in peril.

Negotiation over RodiaEdit

Steffo carried on with his hard work, being involved in many strategic negotiations and was detrimental in the abating the attacks on several planets, including Anobis, Naboo, and Kamino. The Jedi Order however was aware of the activity of the Sith Order, and the rise of the Galactic Empire, yet they lacked information. It would be in the invasion of Rodia that Steffo would not only thwart the attempts at an attack, but would also gather vital and important information. The Galactic Empire under the Orders of Lord Mendacious combined with some members of the Sith Order, joined forces to stage an attack on Rodia. Steffo Rancis moved to intercept and prevent the attack on Rodia, luckily Steffo was joined by Jedi Master Wolf, and despite the fleet Steffo had control of being far outnumbered, he held his own, and delayed the attack. Steffo managed to make contact with the enemy fleet which in the absence of Lord Mendacious or any senior officer was under the charge of a Zoran Marre. Steffo managed to keep Zoran talking and eventually made Zoran doubt his allegiance. He offered Zoran protection under the Jedi Order, and convinced him that the Republic was sending greater numbers and it would be wise to surrender and open talks of negotiation. Zoran agreed and following Steffo’s demands had the opposing fleet leave Rodia, and then came on board to open discussion. Steffo placed Zoran under close guard and interrogated him, using his skills as a diplomat, Steffo drew vital information about Lord Mendacious and the Galactic Empire, Steffo in turn relayed this information back to the Jedi High Council. Steffo then moved to bring Zoran before the Jedi Council, but before he could, he overpowered the guards, whilst Steffo was aboard his flagship, and made for his escape. Master Wolf however was on board the same vessel and engaged Zoran in an intense Lightsaber duel, Wolf mortally wounded Zoran, yet he made his escape by blowing a hole in the hanger bay doors and escaping.

A Master by RankEdit

The High Council met to speak of the next set of actions they would take against the combined forces of the Galactic and Sith Empire. Pleased with Steffo’s skill, discipline and his extraordinary talent, the Council met, and agreed that because Steffo had shown such promise he should be promoted to the rank of Jedi Master, and would immediately be given a seat upon the Jedi Council. Despite his youth, the Council deemed that Steffo’s knowledge and foresight were valuable as well as his growing power, and he would be a good adition to the Jedi Council. In a ceremony overseen by Grand Master Ikrit Loki, Steffo Rancis was deemed a Jedi Knight no longer and was granted the rank of Jedi Master. Steffo is possibly the youngest member of the Jedi Order, to be officially granted the rank of Master aged only twenty years at the time. It is certain that he was the youngest member along with the great Anakin Skywalker to be given a seat upon the Jedi Council.

Mission to KiffuEdit

It was a remarkable decision by the Council, as usually the rank of Master was bestowed upon a Jedi once they completed the successful training of a Padawan learner. Althoguh Steffo had briefly trained Zoran Marre’s brother Razlys, he had never trained a Padawan to Knighthood. It would be Steffo’s first mission as a Jedi Master that took him to Kiffu, here he would come across a young native child, who displayed a strong connection to the force. The child was called Seres Kaan. Steffo’s initial mission had been to gather further intelligence on the Sith Order, and had been sent to meet a contact on Kiffar. After successfully meeting the contact, Steffo was journeying back to Coruscant to speak with the Jedi Council. On his return, he stopped at a local village to stay the night, welcomed by the locals, who spoke to Steffo about legendry tales, some which Steffo believed were about the Kiffar Jedi Quinlan Vos. It was however the strong force presence of one of the kifar children that interested Steffo, the young boy named Seres Kaan had a strong connection to the force. Seeking his mothers and fathers approval, Steffo took Seres back with him, and took him as his first Padawan learner.


Steffo trains Seres Kaan on Yavi IV

Seres was already a young man when he began his training, he was aged sixteen when he left his home world and began his training at the same age. The short age gap between the Master and apprentice would alter arise to problems, but Steffo himself was still young and inexperienced, and did not perceive that his Padawan was a bad choice.

The fall of Seres KaanEdit

The training of his new Padawan began well; Seres proved to be a quick learner and displayed a good grasp of basic force control. However he was rather all too rash, to the point where he rushed, he wanted to progress far quicker then Steffo would allow. Steffo told Seres that he must be patient, but over the space of two years, Seres grew to hold Steffo with a disdain. He believed Steffo was holding him back and was afraid that he would be overshadowed by his Padawan. In Seres last lesson with Steffo, the young male erupted, bringing all his grievances which he bore against his Master. Steffo deemed that Seres should take a break from training altogether, Steffo spoke out against Seres saying he was too hungry and lusted for power, Steffo even admitted that his Padawans state of mind, could lead him down a dark path. Suprisingly Seres agreed, with Steffo and ceased his training, he told his master he was sorry, and that he would go away and meditate upon his actions, and return when he was at peace. Steffo was quite wrought with failure and a little saddened when Seres Kaan disappeared, leaving no trace as to where he went.

Fallen ArrowEdit

Steffo pondered upon his own actions, and seeking that perhaps he was not prepared as he thought he was, returned to Yavin IV praxeum. He spent a good deal of his time meditating in his quarters. Steffo remained an active member of the Jedi Council, but events were beginning to take a turn for the worst, and the day would come that would beckon with a warning that the Jedi Council would tumble. Yet a shard of hope would fall from the sky, and just as Steffo himself had arrive on Yavin IV so another would come, a woman who would change his world. A ship would arrive upon the surface of Yavin, Steffo at the time was out walking, seeing the ship land near the academy, he immediately moved to apprehend the person on board, perceiving that there could be a possible threat. The woman that disembarked had deep brown thoughtful eyes and reddish brown hair, which tumbled about her shoulders, the lady, glanced around then seeing Steffo introduced herself as Emwyn Jayrice. Steffo asked her where she hailed from, yet she could only recall she had escaped from the Hutts where she was made to dance for them. Then she added she had long sought for Steffo Rancis. Steffo was taken aback, he was unsure how a stranger could know about him, let alone be looking for him, the pair had never met before, yet Steffo immediately sensed Emwyn was strong in the force. Steffo guided Emwyn inside the academy and arranged a meeting with Ander Tagira. After speaking with Ander it was clear Emwyn had amnesia and could remember nothing more than she had told Steffo. Steffo was intrigued and wondered at what this could mean, he decided that to discover and piece together the jigsaw he needed to collect all the pieces, and this would require helping Emwyn to recover her memory. Emwyn stays at the academy during the first few months, Steffo helps to reveal some of her past, by gently probing her mind, Steffo finds that Emwyn’s memory had been suppressed by a powerful force user. Steffo finds he can temporarily break through the mental wall and recover some of Emwyn’s more emotional memories. Through aiding Emwyn a bond begins to grow between the Jedi master and the deep and troubled young woman. When Steffo recovers the memory of Emwyn meeting with Master Efron Platell, Steffo concludes that she used to be a Jedi. Steffo is intrigued by the fact that Emwyn knew his first master, but believing Emwyn to have once been a Jedi, offers to train her once again to feel the force. Steffo takes Emwyn as his second Padawan learner, through training together, their bond grows ever stronger, and Master and Padawan, realise that their affection for each other has grown considerably.

Losing faithEdit

Receiving word that the Jedi High Council is in turmoil, Steffo takes to the “Carpe Diem” and heads toward Coruscant, accompanied by Emwyn Jayrice and Jedi Master Axel. The Leronar Strike Class Crusier comes under sustained fire by a cloaked vessel, after the firing ceases, Steffo’s senses reveal an all too familiar presence. Steffo realised that his vessel had been infiltrated by his old apprentice Seres Kaan. Steffo was uncertain what his lost Padawan’s intentions were, but it was soon revealed he posed a threat. Kaan stormed towards the bridge with the backup of twenty five well armed space pirates, Seres had cleverly come aboard the same time the space pirate gang had, hoping that the ruthless band of pirates would wear down the Jedi onboard. Working seamlessly with Master Axel, the two Jedi are forced to cut down several pirates, after withdrawing to the bridge Jedi Master Axel and Steffo manage to eventually kill the brutal pirate chief. With this done, Emwyn took up to controlling the turrets on the cruiser, to aid in fending off the larger, but poorly armed pirate forces. With the death of their leader, the pirate gang retreat, and Steffo manoeuvres his ship away from the threat of the hostile vessels. The ordeal seemed to be over, but for the force presence of Seres Kaan. Steffo decided to go alone, shutting down several doors in his ship, to guide Seres toward the training room. Steffo barely recognizes his changed Padawan, and is immediately struck by the torent of hatred and anger running rife inside Seres thoughts. Steffo tells Kaan, that he must not let his emotion rule him, and tries in vain to bring his apprentice back toward the light. Seres reveals that he has a new master, one who encourages his hunger, and appreciates his talent. He tells Steffo he has more power than before, and will destroy his old Master. Steffo makes a bold effort to make his old Padawan see sense, but true anger is ignited within the lost young man, when Steffo uses his name. Seres attacks Steffo using a brutal assault of force lightning and Ataru, he tells Steffo that Seres Kaan is dead, and that he is Darth Mortem. Steffo manages to deflect the lightning away with his blade. Steffo uses Soresu to defend against the vicious attacks, and attempts to draw his opponent back toward the light. Darth Mortem does not relent in his brutal assault, and Steffo changes his form, using the ferocity of Vaapad, Steffo repels Mortems attacks, and cuts of his right arm at the elbow. Mortum collapses, but seething with anger recklessly charging at Steffo. Steffo is caused to further incapacitate his opponents, slicing at both of Mortem’s legs, finally subduing his old apprentice. Steffo warns Mortem, that he will achieve nothing but suffering if he joins the darkside, and that there is still hope, Darth Mortem, once Seres Kaan, draws upon his last bit of strength, and conceals himself, using the force, he hides his presence and his physical being, escaping from the “Carpe Diem” by stealing a Lambda class shuttle in the hanger. Steffo was saddened by the knowledge that his former Padawan had fallen to the darkside, he was now certain he had been too young and inexperienced to have successfully trained Seres.

Hope re-kindledEdit

Steffo returned to continue the training of Emwyn Jayrice, Steffo wanted to amend the failure of the incompletion of his first Padawan’s training. He knew Emwyn was also exceptionally strong in the force, and the mystery that surrounded her, and seemed to involve him, intrigued the Jedi. Emwyn proved to be a good Padawan, she was exceptionally mindful and absorbed everything Steffo taught her. She learned and developed techniques in the force quite quickly, and showed a flare for duelling. Steffo was inspired by her unique expression in fighting, Emwyn was very deft with a blade, and involved a lot of acrobatic and gymnastic qualities into her duelling. Steffo first taught her form II Makashi, noticing her fondness for precision and quick fencing strokes. Steffo then gave Emwyn the curved hilt that once belonged to Efron Platell. Outside of training their love for each other grew and their relationship thrived and blossomed, yet Steffo could reveal little more about Emwyn’s past, and became slightly reluctant to delve to deep, after he recovered a darker sinister memory linked to the Sith.

The second battle and fall of CoruscantEdit

Emwyn’s training although progressing nicely, was put on hold, as the galaxy was cast into chaos. The Brotherhood of the Sith was moving, organised by self declared Sith Ari Feral Ragnos. He had strove to bring the Sith together, and had amassed a large body of supporters, and gathered a large army. Wether the Jedi liked it or not, war was to be brought upon them, and at a time when the Order was still not whole, divisions still stood between many Jedi and many Jedi Orders. It fell to the Modern Jedi Order/ Modern Council to act to try and protect the worlds that fell under the ruthless unrelenting gaze of the Sith. The Modern Jedi Order was thin, and there were not enough forces to prevent the fall of several planets, such as Haruun Kal, and Kamino. The Jedi managed to defend Naboo, and hold the Sith from taking Anobis, but it seemed that every planet that was re-taken by the Jedi another would fall. The Jedi’s resources were stretched thin, and some attacks were but a ruse to bring the Jedi to one world, whilst the Sith forces freely took another. The Sith Brotherhood had planned their scheme well, the Jedi Order had split from the Galactic Republic, choosing to become a separate body, meaning that the Jedi had no or little command of large forces. The brutal assaults were led by Feral Ragnos right hand man Sith Lord Brimstone Saber Windu. Brimstone was a resilient commander, who was rumoured to have personally cut down several Jedi single handily. Later it would be realised that these reports were largely exaggerated and it could not be ascertained how many Lord Brimstone personally cut down. However Brimstone was a threatening commander none the less. It was under the orders of Feral Ragnos that Coruscant was to be captured by the Sith, for he believed if you wish to kill something, you must pierce its heart. Lord Ragnos had pre-meditated the capture of Coruscant, and every other planet was ner enough irrelevant for his one goal was to have the core planet, the capital under the rule of the Sith Order. Unbeknown to the Jedi, Feral had placed spies amongst the members of the Modern Jedi Council. They worked to report to Feral of the Jedi’s movements and plans, and through his orders planted seeds of doubt and lies to unsettle the Council and turn the Jedi against each other. Coruscant came under attack around 70 ABY, the Jedi however were not totally un-preapred, and managed to fend off one of the initial attacks. However once the Sith moved, they had nearly all their forces lay siege to the planet. The first tremendous battle lit up the skies of Coruscant, as Jedi and Republic forces fought to hold off the full invasion of the planet’s surface. Other the course of the next few months, Corruscant’s affiliation would shift hands a number of times, between the Jedi, the Republic and the Sith. The battle of Coruscant was really a monthly long battle, yet it was split into three major battles. The first battle saw that Coruscant was taken by the Sith, and although the Jedi and Republic mounted a few campaigns they could not take retake the planet. Steffo took part in the first battle, in charge of a quarter of the Jedi’s space forces, he helped prevent the Sith from carrying out a planetary bombardment. Steffo’s forces incapacitated several Sith ships, until the Sith moved away from a space assault to a ground attack. Having few forces upon the ground of Coruscant, the city was easily captured. Those who were on the ground were told to withdraw, although the Modern Council had Jedi Master Owen Kenobi stay on the surface and work with small group of rebels to take out key structures. The Jedi had lost the Jedi temple of Coruscant and with that the Jedi Council, but the Council was relocated for the short term basis to Naboo. The Second significant battle took place eight months later, after several futile attempts had been made, by the Jedi and the Republic. The Modern Council decided to aim to not capture the whole of Coruscant but the main city. Steffo moved with two fellow Jedi Maser and High Councillor Kwai Ming. The Jedi had decided to join forces with the Galactic Republic, staging a space battle to draw the Sith forces, the clever use of holoprojectors projected from several vessels showed a massive fleet, that seamlessly could not be destroyed and kept the size of the joint space forces hidden and safe. Meanwhile Master Rancis and Maser Ming moved toward the ground taking two task forces mainly built up of re-established ARC Clone Troopers. The two Jedi bravely led a two fronted pronged attack upon the city, forming a pincer movement. They bypassed most areas without a problem, since Owen Kenobi had disabled the more dangerous gun emplacements. However although it seemed like the attack was going well, tragedy would strike. Steffo and Kwai joined up once inside the main city, to take back the Senate, and the Jedi temple. These two buildings were seen as the seats of power and with them re-claimed Coruscant would more easily be retaken. The Jedi were about to move into the second phase of the plan, when they encountered Arcanus Sunstrider. Arcanus was a Jedi Councillor and a respected and close friend of Steffo, yet Arcanus moved to attack, both of the Jedi. With Arcanus temporarily taken out of the equation, the Jedi began to move in; suddenly Master Kwai Ming’s troops came under rapid and constant fire, forcing Steffo and his troops toward cover. The majority of Kwai’s troops were decimated, once the firing ceased Steffo rushed toward his comrade’s position, yet he arrived too late to see the unconscious Jedi Master, being boarded onto a shuttle, and vessel rapidly departed. Steffo moved to pursue with the plan of battle, yet he himself was soon a target. Two Sith moved to attack Steffo and were led in their assault upon the Jedi Master, by Arcanus Sunstrider. Steffo was forced to retreat from the city, his troops were nearly all cut down, save thirty, Steffo managed to hold of the three assailants, and after seriously wounding his old friend, by nearly amputating both of his legs, Steffo then moved to escape from the planet, hearing that the space forces had been virtually overcome, many had limped away from the battlefield and the battle had wielded nothing but the unnecessary loss of life. Steffo retreated from the planet’s surface, and was rescued by Jedi Master kel Al Raganella. Kel Al returned with Steffo to the Jedi Council, to report upon the proceedings of the battle.

Fallen comradesEdit

Steffo spoke with the Council, who were beginning to fall into disarray; Arcanus Sunstrider had turned to the dark side, and had left a seat open on the Council. Master Kwai Ming had been captured by Feral Ragnos, yet his whereabouts were unknown, and fellow Jedi Master and close friend of Steffo’s was missing in action. Further still Jedi Councillor Owen Kenobi, had gone to Alderaan seeking solitude, and became the Jedi Watchman of the planet. The second battle of Coruscant had cost the Jedi dearly, and with it announced the beginning of the disillusionment of the Council and its members.

Rash actionsEdit

Steffo attempted along with fellow High Councillor Dominus Lucius to bring the Council together, but with some of the Council members missing and the tragedy of several Jedi dead or missing in action, it only needed the push of Feral’s spies to start the loosening of stones, stones that would pick up momentum and turn into an avalanche. The Jedi Council’s remaining members decided that they must rescue Kwai Ming, before anything else was planned, and this became foremost to their plans. However the Jedi Master had been taken to the secretive and elusive Kashyyyk temple, Sith academy hidden upon the planet and overseen by Feral Ragnos himself. The Council remained in strife and trouble, knowing the Jedi’s location, but could do little to help him or aid him. Luckily Master Ming, got word to the Council that he would escape on his own accord, and after several long months, Kwai Ming returned, and spoke of his torture and imprisonment. He revealed that he with aid from a captive Wookie Jedi Master had managed to escape. Though Kwai Ming returned to a divided Council, lies and rumours had been injected by the spies of Feral Ragnos. As the poison began to seep and spread, so the Modern Council drew upon its last failing strength. Upon receiving information, that Coruscant had been left relatively unguarded and weak, the Jedi devised to once more combine their remaining forces in one last throw of the dice. The combined forces chiefly led by Empress Aalia Ra and her husband and High Councillor Dominus Lucius attacked Coruscant, coming against little opposition in the attack, the planet was easily taken with a minimum loss of life. Word began to spread as soon as Coruscant was taken; Aalia Ra took control of the planetary forces and the planet itself, and moved to take charge of the planet. Fuelled by lies fed by Lord Ragnos’ spies, Steffo began to believe Aalia wanted the planet for herself, he deemed that it was un Jedi like for her to take charge of all the forces and to become what seemed like a self imposed ruler of the planet. Steffo forgot his respect and friendship with Dominus Lucius, as lies too of him were spread, that he was a traitor and secretly worked for the Sith, as did his wife Aalia. Steffo disbelieved those he should not, and moved to bring about removing Dominus Lucius and Aalia Ra from the Modern Council. Unknown to him, both Aalia and Dominus were hurt by the claims, they saw that their friends had turned against them; Aalia commanded all the forces, to depart as they were still under her control. After this, she left Coruscant unguarded, and this allowed the Sith to freely retake the planet. More lies told that this was the initial plan that she and her husband Dominus had concocted in collaboration with the Sith. Steffo acted the headstrong nature of his youth took over; he did not delve deeper and pushed for the instant abdication of two of the Orders most prominent members. The Council was completely overthrown. Master Kwai Ming had stood by both Dominus and Aalia Ra the whole time knowing the truth. Steffo acted using his authority and position as a High Councillor to remove both Aalia Ra and Domius Lucius from the Modern order. It was too late before he realised he acted rashly, and wrongly, and had helped bring about the destruction of the Modern Council, the way the Sith intended. Master Kwai moved to train with Aalia Ra and made Naboo his home, leaving the Modern Order. Grand Master Ikirt Loki left the Order following to take up his role as the leader of Voxyn Squadron. Steffo tried to patch up what was left of the Council, but to little avail, he tried to rouse the dying embers, and amend for his actions. Steffo spoke with both Aalia Ra, and Dominus Lucius seeking their forgiveness. He now realized how wrong he had been, and how he had assumed to know better than others, he had been brought to mistrust not only Jedi, but people he was close to, friends. Steffo decided he was unworthy of being a Jedi Master, he knew that the title had given him nothing but slight arrogance, and a headstrong nature, he was convinced the title made him ready, and made him a Jedi Master, yet a real Jedi Master, would not have acted in accordance to the way Steffo did. Despite the fall of the Modern Council all was not lost, Tebana Sor, one of the great and knowledgeable Senior Jedi Masters created the Jedi Watchtower, which kept an eye upon galactic events, stationing a number of Jedi as Watchmen upon planets, the Watchtower became an important resource and was the eyes and ears of the Jedi Order.


Steffo Rancis took on board another important lesson, and demoted himself to the rank of Jedi Knight, forsaking his title, he aimed to work toward becoming a Jedi Master once more, and knowing he would never want the rank, and would be bestowed it once more, when he had proven his worth. Leaving the Jedi Council meant Steffo moved from Galactic events returning to the Yavin IV Praxeum. He devoted more time to his studies and own training as well as that of Emwyn, who was now quite an accomplished Padawan. Steffo resumed to teach her further knowledge and control of the force, and taught her Soresu, so she now knew three of the seven original saber forms. Her expertise in Makashi was becoming profoundly in-depth; she exerted a grace with the blade the likes of which Steffo had never seen before. Though the walls of the praxeum appeared and seemed safe, Steffo was warned that even Yavin IV was not a permanent haven, not from the grasp of the Sith. Steffo returned to his quarters after training, to discover a sinister man, holding Emwyn Jayrice hostage. The man told Steffo, that if he came with him, then Emwyn would not die. The mysterious and powerful dark stranger held Emwyn at blade point. Steffo moved to outwit the stranger, with the help of fellow Jedi Knight Jago Pulastra and Jedi Master Dav Man’Sell, the trio attempted to prevent disaster. Yet the man revealed he was a Sith of some power, he threw Master Man’Sell through Steffo’s bedroom window, whilst cleaving a hole in the roof, he leaped toward the hole throwing a thermal detonator into the room. Jago managed to protect Emwyn and himself from the detonators damage. Steffo leaped through the roof, to engage the Sith. Steffo however did not foresee that the Sith who had now announced himself to be Darth Mallice would be totally bent upon his capture. Steffo found that Mallice had landed an assault shuttle upon the roof of the academy, the shuttles guns pointed toward Steffo. Mallice then unleashed some twenty Sith Assassins, to capture Steffo. Steffo managed to fend off the Assassins, and incapacitated half of the number, yet Steffo was overcome when a further five assassins fired several darts at him. The darts carried a nerve toxin, and to make matters worse, Mallice had had his assassins manoeuvre Steffo so he was within the range of the caged Ysalmari he had also with him.

Meanwhile Dav had been saved from almost certain death by the power of Jago Pulastra, the experienced Jedi Knight had used the force to guide Dav toward an open window on a lower ground. Dav would arrive upon the academy rooftop to see the shuttle with the captured Steffo take off, Dav had the presence of mind to hurl a transmitter disk toward the assault shuttle, the magnetized disk base clung to the shuttles hull, enabling its whereabouts and movements to be known.

Breaking the spiritEdit

Steffo came around, to discover, for the second time in his life he was in a cell, although this cell was built to hold a Jedi, the cell door was a force field, that delivered a painful shock to the prisoner if they touched it. Inside the prison cell there were Ysalmari, preventing Steffo from drawing upon and using the force. Steffo was given food and water, yet he was also tortured for great lengths of time, being placed in the Yuuzhan Vong embrace of pain, and being repeatedly tortured by force lightning, were Darth Mallice’s personal favourite methods of torture. Darth Mallice never really asked Steffo much, neither did he engage in conversation, he just repeatedly tortured the Jedi, his cruel mission was to do his masters bidding, and break Steffo’s spirit. Steffo grew weary, and pained, and still for months on end the torturing continued, Mallice however was under strict instructions to not kill the Jedi. Once more the unseen hand was moving, operating from within the shadows, unknown to Steffo Lord Rath had returned to the known universe, and was beginning to set the second phase of his original plan into action, for this Steffo’s will had to be broken, the Jedi had to be left with no resolve and give himself freely to Lord Rath’s manipulative control. Yet the Jedi was harder to break down, Darth Mallice often tortured Steffo to within an inch of his life, yet Steffo still clung on, his screams were heard echoing around the asteroid base, where Mallice was keeping his prisoner. Steffo was stronger, than Mallice perceived, although Mallice was fed information by Lord Rath about his past. Mallice used this as part of the torturing process; Steffo began to show slight cracks still bearing the weight of his actions after killing Efron. That evening Steffo was placed in his cell, he did not know how much more torturing he could hold out against, Steffo devised a plan to make good his escape. Luck would have it, that Dav had passed on the coordinates that had been relayed to him, by the tracking device placed on Darth Mallice’s shuttle hull. Lord Nexus was a friend of Steffo’s and trained at the Yavin IV praxeum, he travelled alone to track down the Jedi Knight, and to hopefully release him. Fate would have it, that Steffo began his break for freedom, as Lord Nexus vessel followed a group of tie fighters into the asteroid bases hanger bay. Mallice took Lord Nexus to the meeting room, which also had caged ysalmari present, to prevent any use of the force. Darth Mallice had two assassins staged outside of the entrance to the room, whilst he moved to find out, why this stranger was here. Meanwhile, Darth Mallice planned to hide Steffo, moving him to a different part of the base, for this he sent two Sith assassins. Normally Lord Mallice had five assassins escort and take care of Steffo, usually rendering him unconscious by using a fast acting short lasting nerve toxin, to incapacitate him, for easy transporting. However most of Darth Mallice’s assassins were searching Lord Nexus’ ship for any clues or dangerous articles. Therefore two Sith Assassins were sent to deal with the Jedi Knight. Foolishly the two Sith assassins, believed their presence would be enough, yet they made the fatal floor, of having to open the cage to administer the nerve toxin, one went in, whilst the other remained outside the cell. Whilst in the cell the assassins would also have no use of the force. Steffo lay in the furthest corner not moving. The first assassin came into the cell and was ready to administer the toxin, when Steffo leaped up and took his legs from under him, at which point the second assassin ran in. Steffo quickly elbowed the second assassin to the face, breaking his nose and shattering his cheek bone. In a couple of minutes, Steffo had incapacitated both assassins and stolen their lightsabers and their garments. He then locked them in the cell, and moved to find a means of escape. Disguised as one of Mallice’s assassins, few questions were asked, he made his way to the hanger bay and upon immediately indentifying Lord Nexus ship, and he knew that his friend was here. Steffo discovered where nexus had been taken; he then cleverly told one of the assassins he was wanted in the cell block, as the two sith assassins were encountering problems. Steffo then having full control over the force used the force to stun the other assassin, rendering him unconscious.

The Jedi moved inside the room, revealing to the surprised Dark Lord, that he was Steffo Rancis, he threw the spare lightsaber to Lord Nexus, and the duo engaged Mallice in a lightsaber duel. Mallice was quickly dealt with, Nexus and Steffo worked together, and Mallcie was swiftly disarmed. Steffo then forced him, to provide a way off the asteroid base; Mallice had little choice, and vowed revenge. He allowed Lord Nexus to leave the asteroid base, with Steffo, yet attempted to damage the vessel as it left, in a desperate grasp at recapturing the Jedi.

A vengeful WrathEdit


Steffo Rancis around 71 ABy

Steffo would return safely to Yavin IV, yet in the time he had been gone, the powerful Lord Rath had been pursuing to bring about events to his own ends. Rath returned to discover the feint murmuring presence of one he knew well, with Steffo’s spirit being broken by Darth Mallice under his instruction, Rath moved to locate his old apprentice. To his surprise he found that she was residing upon Yavin, and better still, and more to his use, was that she was in love with Steffo. Rath sent a message to the woman who used her birth name, Emwyn Jayrice. Emwyn received a holo transmission, which appeared to be from Steffo, it detailed her to travel to Ziost and quickly, for he had managed to escape, yet he could not tell how soon it would be, before he was discovered and recaptured. Emwyn believed the false message constructed by Lord Rath, and left immediately to rescue Steffo. Rath knew Steffo could be destroyed if his world around him collapsed, Rath knew that Emwyn had once been Lady Imanust, something Steffo did not know. Rath planned to use this further to break Steffo’s spirit and bend him to his will. Yet Steffo had escaped and was on his return to Yavin IV, something Rath did not perceive, until he travelled to the “Tigers Lair”. The asteroid base of Darth Mallice, held no prisoner, Mallcie stood to defile his Master. Having let Steffo escape, Rath was furious, turning his vengeance against his apprentice he raised him into the air, and then used the force, to drain his life energy out of him, killing his failed apprentice. Lord Rath, then departed from the base and travelled to Ziost to hopefully acquire a new tool instead, one who had always been faithful, Rath moved to re-instate Lady Imanust.

The Emerald OrderEdit

Steffo returned to recover in the medical bay, but he did not bear the physical scars for long, yet the mental scars remained, Steffo was further troubled when he discovered Emwyn had mysteriously disappeared, he wondered if Darth Mallice had taken her, yet Mallice had remained on his asteroid base every day. Steffo decided as soon as he was well enough to trace Emwyn, and find where she had gone to or worse been taken to. Rancis was not sure why Emwyn should have left without leaving a message, but it dawned on Steffo, that she did not know where he was, or when or even if he would return. The young man looked into the holo recordings, but they only showed Emwyn taking a shuttle and leaving, where she went was unknown. Steffo was at least relieved to see she had chosen to go, rather than had been taken. Steffo began his search for Emwyn, but with no clues the trail ran cold and after Steffo had searched every planet he thought Emwyn would go to or was linked to, Steffo was lost and forlorn. Steffo would have perhaps given to grief or emotion, yet his feelings told him Emwny was alive and well, and he knew she had chosen to leave, Steffo could not track her, and so he presided to go where the force led him. Steffo was guided toward the planet Anobis, it was a planet steffo had seldom visited and he had only been there previously to defend it or protect it. He was unsure why now the force had led him here. Steffo decided to visit the famous and renowned Emerald Order, and seek out the aid of the Jedi there. The Emerald Order was led by Grand Master Saeon Faust, who had served as a Jedi Knight in Steffo’s father’s time. Master Faust was knowledgeable and kindly, yet it was clear from their first meeting he was concerned for Steffo. Steffo did not mention to Master Faust, that he had been looking for Emwyn, he spoke with him and told him the force had bade him to come here. Master Faust accepted Steffo into the temple and into the Order, but he told him, that he must examine where he stood within the Order and within the Jedi code. Steffo remained in quiet solitude for the first few weeks, staying for long periods in the gardens, where the feeling of the force nexus the temple was built upon was strongest. Steffo’s thoughts never moved far from his missing loved one. Yet he knew he had a reason for being here, and Steffo would adhere to his instinct and his feelings. In a second meeting with Master Faust, Steffo was given the task of training a young man named Neil Levits. Neil had once belonged to the Phlanx of the Shadow State Warriors a dark side group which had eleven individuals who could harness a new kind of power, a power called known as the ‘Shadow State’. Steffo spoke to Saeon in his second meeting with him about this state, after Steffo enquired as to whether there was a lightside equivalent, Master Faust revealed that there was, and he knew of it, but he discouraged Steffo still feeling he had not yet made up his mind about whether to give himself fully to the Order, or whether he would return to wandering.

Steffo took Neil as his Padawan learner, but soon discovered his apprentice had a dark past, Steffo told Neil, that if anyone could help him, it was he, for Steffo admitted he too had fallen to the darkside, and he believed he could help Neil, after learning that Neil’s parents were brutally murdered, Steffo sought to find a way to help Neil to not let his emotions rule him. The Jedi Knight, began to tell Neil how the Jedi drew from the force around them, rather than the Sith who drew their power from within.

Steffo's young learner was reluctant to share in his feelings, and this troubled Steffo greatly, the Jedi Knight realised that Neil must learn to trust him, and as Steffo trained Neil there bond grew. Yet ry as Steffo might, he could find no way of teaching Neil to draw upon the lightside of the force, Neil was still prone to uncontrollable emotion and surges of power.

Galactic conquestEdit

Steffo found Neil after a training session, when his Padawan contacted him through the force, Steffo rushed to the library of the Emerald order, to see Neil levitating hundreds of books. Neil confessed that he had learned the power by touching one of the books. It soon became evident that Neil was gifted in Pschometry. One book in particular stood out. It was a simple looking book yet it had no title or picture upon its surface. When Steffo picked up the book a black hand began to appear as if Steffo’s touch had awakened it. Yet try as he might the book could not be opened conventionally neither could it be opened by excessive force. With his curiosity arisen, Steffo scanned the image upon the front of the book. The scanner in the archives identifies the image as belonging to The Triumvirate of Shadow.

After discovering who the image belonged to, Steffo input the order into the Emerald Order’s library. It came up with the names of who the most notorious members of the Triumvirate were. The information reported that the Triumvirate of Shadow was overseen by three sith who together sought to bring about the downfall of the Jedi Order. They were responsible for the breakdown of the Jedi Order and the last Great Schism.

Steffo knew that the Jedi Order was still reeling from that schism and it had never recovered, thus leading to an array of different Jedi Orders, all with a multitude of slightly different beliefs.

More Interest to the Jedi, was the four names that the information given had as the four most important members. They were Feral Ragnos, Abigor Rath, Imanust and Tanith Desavio. The Information stated that Feral was deceased, Abigor Rath’s existence was Unknown and Lady Imanust’s existence was active.

With this Information in mind, Steffo let his Padawan to go and rest whilst he spoke with Grand Master Saeon Faust.

Lady ImanustEdit

Saeon admitted that he believed Lady Imanust had returned to the known Unvierse, he tasked Steffo with locating her and if need be destroying her.

Steffo travelled unaccompanied to Ziost, where Lady Iamnust was last reported. Upon dropping from hyperspace Steffo was drawn to the surface by concentrating upon the area where the dark side was emanating from strongest. He landed near the Temple of Shadow and was faced with the appearance of a Sith Lord. The Dark Lord of the Sith introduced himself as Abigor Rath, he told Steffo how everything he had planned was falling into place.

Then to Steffo’s bewilderment he brought forth Emwyn Jayrice, he told Steffo that he had she was Lady Imanust and she had been his apprentice and was now a servant of the Dark side once more. Steffo saw this as an attempt at Dun Möch and chose to face off against Abigor Rath.

The Sith Lord however was too powerful for the Jedi to hold off against, yet it was the fact that Rath disclosed that he was Kiero Rancis and thus Steffo ahd killed Efron Platell for nothing. He divulged how he had had Steffo created and how he had used him, and how Steffo had willingly obliged. Distraught and overwhelmed, Steffo’s spirit was broken, thus through the exploitation of these facts, that Rath defeated the Jedi. Disarming him of his weapons then impaling Steffo through the stomach with a spear of midnight black. Emwyn only tried to react when it was all too late, torn between her brain washed loyalty to Rath and her love for Steffo. However she was overcome by Rath’s expertise in force lightning, which he employed on her and then Steffo with devastating effect.

He raised the Jedi into the air pinning him to a large stone obelisk by impaling Steffo through both shoulders with his force thrown sabers.

With Steffo incapacitated and in excruciating pain, Rath began an ancient ritual to raise the shattered spirit of Exar Kun from the surrounding statuettes that surrounded the base of the obelisk.

Half way through the ritual so entwined in the ritual at placing Kun’s spirit inside Steffo a team of Jedi arrived, led by Siela Kuro. Striking Rath with a Wall of Light empowered b the six Jedi in a battle meld. Rath was cut off from the force and thrown asunder, in the minutes that Rath was disorientated and incapacitated by the wall of light; Siela rescued Steffo, and fled Ziost with Emwyn and the strong team comprised of six Handmaidens.

Facing the MirrorEdit

An unconscious Steffo was brought back to the medical bay, it was soon realised upon observation that he was in a coma. His mind separated from his conscious body driven to do so, to protect it from the ordeal. In affect Steffo had saved himself from certain death by distancing and shutting down his mind.

Steffo woke to find himself in between the realm of life and death; here he was given a guide known only as Portuer the Gatekeeper. Portuer revealed that Steffo was trapped here until he recovered enough, telling Steffo that his subconscious had been separated from his physical body, and that he could still die if he believed he had. Whilst trapped in the Twilight Realm Tebana Sor and Mai Owani worked frantically on mending the Jedi’s shattered and torn body. The duo could fix most of Steffo’s torn muscles and broken bones with the exception of his lower ribs, which had to be replaced by durasteel ribs.

Portuer enlightened Steffo that he had to fight against the darkness that was corrupting his body, which was due to a fragment left by the spear of midnight black.

With the combined mental efforts of Steffo, Mai, Tebana, Emwyn and Feanor Kirufinwe they managed to destroy the dark shard and bring Steffo back to semi consciousness. It still took Steffo several months to recover and in which time he asked the mysterious Siela Kuro to train Emwyn.

Siela extended Emwyn's knowledge in many powers, namely all the powers she taught Steffo's Padawan were linked to manipulation and the surrounding environment.

A Mother’s LoveEdit

Following a full recovery Steffo travelled to Ruusan seeking out the valley of the Jedi hoping that the concentrated area of force energy, known as a force nexus would purge the portion of trapped spirit from within him. Yet when Steffo entered the nexus he only experienced an excruciating pain, as the dark spirit within him fought against the power of the Nexus, which tried to rent the spirit out of the Jedi's body.

Steffo was pulled from the Nexus by Siela Kuro who had accompanied Steffo to Ruusan, seeing the Jedi's fractured spirit and knowing how important Steffo was and all he had been through Siela vowed to purge the spirit from within his body. Siela sat down within the force nexus and both adopted a meditative position, with Steffo outside of the nexus.

Sieal stretched out with the force, drawing upon the power of the Nexus and opening her mind and body up, she drew the dark spirit into her own body, freeing Steffo from torment. Engulfed by the Nexus............*To be continued*

Trial of CourageEdit

Death by Another NameEdit

The ChoiceEdit

Heart of a JediEdit

After the death of his father, and the elimination of Exar Kun’s spirit, Steffo returned once more to active duty. He re-commissioned Task Force Flashfire, comprised of a small personal fleet and some ground units.


Steffo Rancis grey robes

Steffo Rancis at the time he joined the Corellian Jedi Order

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Power and Force potentialEdit


Steffo unleashing his full power

Jedi KnightEdit

Steffo officially never attained the rank of Jedi Knight. Originally he left the Jedi Order before he passed formal trials or was granted the rank. On his return to the Jedi Order, he claimed that he had once held the rank, perhaps the boastful nature of his youth. Yet it was obvious to those who taught him, that they didn’t doubt his word and although second time around the rank was never officially granted him, nor did he pass any formal trials, it was generally assumed that Steffo had earned the rank through his duty and service to the Jedi Order.

Master NegotiatorEdit

During his time spent as a Jedi Knight, Steffo was assigned the special task of being a Jedi Knight advisor to the Jedi Council. Officially Steffo didn’t hold a seat on the Jedi Council, but he was allowed to input on important matters. One of his more active duties as a Knight advisor was to be the general eyes and ears of the Council as well as being the active face and mediator of the Jedi Order. Steffo was one of four Knight Advisors who carried out this duty. He was chosen for his all ready growing reputation to be first on the scene of most galactic disputes, and was always cool, calm and fair to both sides. Steffo always kept his saber ready, but preferred to exhaust every avenue open to him before moving into aggressive negotiations. He settled many disputes and retrieved vital information which he reported to the Council, it was his growing skills at negotiation, his willingness and the report of crucial and vital information that later earned him the rank of Jedi Master.

Master Lightsaber CombatantEdit

Steffo himself always remarked that he felt he was only ever second to Battlemaster Dav Man’sell. Having said that before Dav returned to the known universe Steffo was ranked as the Jedi Orders and Jedi Council’s top swordsman, holding the esteemed rank of Battlemaster of the Jedi order and Sword Master of the Council. Steffo would later drop these titles along with his other ranks and privileges. However unlike the other titles, his standing as a Weapon Master was undeniable, for Steffo possessed great skill with the blade. He was a gifted swordman, only ever finding inner peace in the midst of battle; Steffo argued that it was a form of art and a form of meditation. Steffo developed a unique fighting style incorporating his joy for battle comprised with an unbreakable unrelenting spirit. He created the eighth form of Lightsaber combat, which he went on to teach to Dav Man’sell as well as inaugurating some of its aspects in his own fighting style.

Steffo would go on to fully master three of the seven classic forms of Lightsaber combat, and mastered two more to some degree, becoming advanced in the others before creating his own form. He spent a great deal of time practising and honing his skills in combat and his martial prowess.

His fighting style often reflected himself very deeply, for instance in his younger days, he was nicknamed ‘Flux’ for his ever changing and unpredictable manner of fighting. This line of fighting shadowed his rash and often indecisive nature. From the age of twenty six, Steffo was still an unpredictable fighter, but he had mastered himself. He was also more willing to wait, to try and judge and discover more about his opponent before striking in comparison to his ‘charge in and barrage the opponent’ strategy which he displayed in his earlier life.

Steffo was a difficult person to fight for his dogged ‘never give in’ attitude, his strong defensive use of Soresu to learn and probe his opponent, and then his devastating use of Vaapad which he used to exploit an opponent’s weakness or an opening. There were swordsmen whom were argued to be superior, yet their few that ever convincingly beat him or even beat him at all, this being testament enough, that Steffo was a difficult person to fight against.

Jedi MasterEdit

Steffo Rancis is the youngest Jedi on record at attaining the rank of Jedi Master. Aquiring the rank at the young age of twenty, something even the great Anakin Skywalker didn’t achieve. However much like Skywalker, Steffo was strong minded though not as arrogant, he was still headstrong and prone to acting rashly. He was wise for his young years and did hold the respect of many senior Jedi, yet it would ultimately be his inexperience and relatively unlearned ways of the force, following the fall of Coruscant, that would bring him to annul his own status as Jedi Master. Therefore becoming also the Jedi orders first Jedi to ever rescind a rank or demote them self. Steffo only held the rank for four years.

Jedi CouncillorEdit

Steffo was quickly elevated through the ranks, achieving the rank of Jedi Council the same year he was promoted to Jedi Master. In a curious move, the Jedi Council promoted the young Jedi Knight so that he could hold a seat on the Jedi Council, doing so he became the second youngest member to be granted a seat on the Council. Following a brief two year period Steffo was then given the esteemed position of High Councillor and later Senior Council member. Yet this would prove a badly timed and badly made move by the Jedi Council. For despite the wizened words of the young man, he lacked experience and he often rushed into action before thinking or planning, this eventually cumulated in aiding the downfall of the Modern Jedi Council, and led to Steffo rescinding his rank as a Councillor and as a Jedi Master.

Force PowersEdit

Lightsaber Combat styles and other Fighting FormsEdit


Steffo's Lightsabers

Created 61 ABY the design was simple and reflected the curved hilt of Steffo's then Master, Efron Platell. The hilt shows Steffo's particular competance in form II Makashi a lightsaber form favoured by Efron Platell and passed on to his student. This hilt would eventually be destroyed in 65 ABY by a Sith lord known only as "Dark One".
Steffo sith hilt

Created 63 ABY, when Steffo joined the Brotherhood of the Sith. At this time Steffo abandoned the curved hilt suited to makshi, for a straight more regular hilt. This reflected his new chosen form, teh more emotional and agressive Shein/ Djem So. It is assumed that this hilt was lost, or kept by the Sith Brotherhood, as Steffo never has it on his person, when he crash lands on Yavin IV.

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Created 66 ABY. After the destruction of Steffo's first blade in the abttle aggaisnt "Dark One" Steffo created two new Lightsabers. The sabers were identical in appearance, there are two things to be noted here. The first, is that Steffo created two blades, showing a growing degree of interest and competance in Jar-Kai. The second is that the enrgy blades of both Lightsabers were charcoal black. This empahsises Steffo's degree of knowledge in constructing a Lightsaber, as a pure black bladed saber was rare, and the creation of one was rather dangerous. Steffo had one of the hilts taken from him, when he was rendered unconcious, by Lord Feral Ragnos in 69 ABY. It is presumed that Steffo kept the remaining hilt, allthough he never is featured as using the blade again.

Steffo electrum hilt

Created 70 ABY. These pair of indentical blades were a revolutionary design. Steffo put a lot of thought into the making of these blades. Steffo created theese weapons after he found the crystal which he felt call to him through the force. The crystal was entirely unique as it resonated and responded only to Steffo. He built his new weapons arround the crystal, Steffo chose to build the abandoned Lightscimitar as opposed to a Lightsaber. The hilts were constructed from Albeit and Cortosis and therefore nion indistructable, both hilts were palted with Electrum showing Steffo's status at the time as a Senior member of the Jedi High Council. Even though Steffo left the Jedi Council, he retained his lightscimitar's until they were lost in a duel upon Ziost aggainst Abigor Rath arround 72 ABY.

Aceleus tonfa hilts

Aceleus Draay's Guard Shoto's

Steffo constructed a new set of Lightsabers after he lost the other two in his duel aggaisnt Abigor Rath on Ziost. At this time Steffo was on his journey to accomplishing the rank of Jedi Master,and as a display of this, constructed two blades with a new emphasis on his spirtiual and phillisophical beliefs. Steffo not only radically changed the design of his lightsaber's but he also changed the way he fought. As a result Steffo constructed two identical Guard Shoto's arround 72 to 73 ABY.


Former: Aceleus Draay's Jensaarai armour

Most Recent: Steffo's Imperial Knight Armor

Interpretation of a ProphecyEdit

"One shall be formed whom the task shall fall upon, to embrace the reverse of what he was designed to be, to maintain the equilibrium. He will be called; the fulcrum of the force."
― – Journal of the Whills 1.5.15

This extract taken from the Journal of the Whills seems to harmonize very well with what was known about Steffo Rancis. For instance the first line refers to one who is formed, this implies that the being must have been created rather than conceived, just as Steffo was created by the Triumvirate of Shadow. Secondly it is known that sfter Steffo was infuse with half the spirit of Exar Kun and created his gauntlet he could draw upon both sides of the force. Steffo also followed the potentium which held a balanced view of the force, so it would seem that within himself Steffo formed equilibrium between light and dark.

However due to the ambiguous nature of the extract it is hard to certify if Steffo achieved balance or not. For instance if the “One” whom the Journal of the Whills refers to is supposed to strike balance in the force, much in a similar way to Anakin Skywalker then Steffo cannot be the one whom the prophecy refers to, since he did not bring balance to the force.

"Wrought from shadows that made him,

Into the abyss of the storm he will fall, Lie shattered his spirit of Iron, Darkness shall overcome all, Soar from the ashes the Guardian, Determine darkness’s ploy, Arise, the Custodian of the Lightside, Protector, Peacekeeper, Envoy."

-Poem from Journal of the Whills 1.6.15

The second extract is spookily close to Steffo’s life, how he was made by the Triumvirate of Shadow, could be seen as the shadow in the poem. Secondly we know that Steffo suffered terribly at the hands of Abigor Rath and trialled to fight aggaisnt the dark spirit of Exar Kun within him, which he prevailed over. Yet we know that both these instances took him to the brink, yet he triumphed through both, and through a selfless act of self sacrifice destroyed Abigor Rath.

These instances taken from Steffo’s life seem to coincide with the lines in the poem that say; “Into the abyss of the storm he will fall.” And “Soar from the ashes the Guardian.” Lastly although Steffo sacrificed his life (and in doing so killed Rath, by impaling himself with his own saber in turn impaling Rath) we are told in the last line of the poem “Arise the Custodian of the Lightside, protector, Peacekeeper, Envoy.” Which refers to how Steffo’s body was raised back from the dead by Emwyn Jayrice thus he overcomes death and becomes a true Jedi in spirit.

Many shower doubt over the claim that both instances link to Steffo Rancis some argue that Steffo relied on others help and not just his own strength to overcome some of the trials of his life, thus it casts doubt, since some believe the individual as referred to in the poem overcomes the trials on their own. Whatever the point of view taken, it is a fitting tribute to the Jedi that many believed him to be the Fulcrum of the Force and believed in him as an individual.

Personality and TraitsEdit

In his youth Steffo was rather rash, often rushing into pursuing what he believed was the correct course of action to take. He did posses a degree of this sometimes reckless behaviour in his early twenties, but after he realised it helped lead to the fall of the Modern Jedi Council, he became much more aware and less rash.

He was known to have always exuded a calm persona, and for keeping a cool head. When he served on the Jedi Council, he provided a wise outlook, bringing up possibilities that certain actions may bring about. He always sought to provide balance, and was prepared to sacrifice his life to adhere to the protection of the galaxy.

A large portion of his life was lived in a mixture of regret, and over willingness. Steffo had never forgiven himself, nor come to terms with killing Efron Platell, and his course of action in killing Efron nearly broke him, when Lord Rath tried to use it to break Steffo’s spirit. After he realized that it would be better to live to amend for his actions, he placed quite a large burden upon his shoulders, to try and live up to his father’s name, and to become better. He became so focussed upon trying to improve, that he nearly lost sight of the present. Despite all this though, Steffo eventually came to terms with his actions, finally discussing them, and he finally could let go, of what he had been holding on to, for so long. This allowed him fully focus and reach his full potential.

Master Rancis on whole was a calm relaxed man, he was always well balanced in his decisions, and drew upon the living force, concentrating upon the here and now, rather than racing ahead. He could keep his head whilst under pressure or in a difficult situation, and was regarded as being a good negotiator. Although not a particularly tall man, his presence when he entered a room made up for that. He exuded certain calmness and definitive will. His piercing blue eyes were said, that they could look right through you into the very depths of your soul. It was known, that Steffo was quite good at reading other people, knowing a good deal of their emotions and feelings. What still surprised most was that although Steffo was a calm and reflective man, outside the battlefield. He became a torrent of pure focus and energy in battle, and was capable of dramatic action in the face of danger.

Steffo was a philosophical person, his beliefs seem to point at, that he believed in the Penotentium. It would seem that his philosophy was not to destroy the darkness, but to ensure that balance was kept. However although he had a wide basis of knowledge it does appear his actions are anchored firmly in the Jedi code and practices. Perhaps it could be presumed that he saw that balance must be kept, but to do that the Sith had to be destroyed. It is not known from what point of view Steffo took balance to mean. He was also a strong believer in indomitable spirit, which is a characteristic he seems to poses. Steffo moves from not just being resilliant, to the ultimatum of never ceasing to break never halting. This led to the fact that he was a very hard individual to overcome. It isn’t necessarily that he was arrogant enough to believe he was unbeatable, but more of the fact was that he would never cease no matter the odds. This sometimes proved a rather frightening philosophical and mental standpoint, when considering duelling. Going into a battle or a duel where one individual was already certain they would not relent or bend, gave Steffo a possible mental and physical advantage.

Draay FamilyEdit

Originally a family that became synonymous around the times of the Mandalorian wars. They were an influential Human family terms of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order.

However the Draay family were believed to have disappeared completely as family. For several centuries the one time powerful name vanished.

It was only until Steffo Rancis discovered by complete accident his lineage when he was searching through the Jedi archives data banks. It was noted that Lucien Draay was believed to have had a lover, her name remained unknown as did too her species. Yet it is knowns she was near-human since Steffo was not known to have retained any Miralukan traits.

It was finally confirmed by Steffo's mother Rancis that his father was indeed a descendant of Lucien Draay, and thus Steffo was indeed too a descendant of the Draay family.

Family TreeeEdit

 Noab Hulis--+--Unknown Female
        |              |
 Unnamed sister  Krynda Draay--+--Barrison Draay
   Lucien Draay --+-- Unknown Female]
                        |                                 |                      |
              Tomsai Draay/Rancis--+--Unknown Female    Wentyn Rancis --+--Samyul Dantr
                              |                                         |
                              |                                         |
                     (many generations)                             (incest)
Kiero Rancis --+--Siela Kuro/Rancis
                             Steffo Rancis/Draay

Behind the scenesEdit

It is quite interesting to note, that when Steffo’s name is broken down, and the origins of his name are looked into, his whole name, including his first name, middle name, and surname all hints at Protection, power, and Strength.


Stephanos: (Greek) or Steffen (Low German form of Greek) Means "crown." The name seems to hint that he portrays attributes associated with, what a good King Should be, such as Power, Knowledge, Respect, Nobility, and Righteousness

Stein: A Norwegian derivative form of Stephen or Steffen taken from the Swedish Sten, meaning "stone." Although not as closely resembling the characters name, it highlights again what is seen as a key attribute to the character and one which is more central and pivotal to his portrayal. Steffo always is said to have a near unbreakable spirit. It is also quite interesting to note here, that the character himself never wants to give up, and this is particularly shown in his fighting style. Another point to take note of is the characters philosophy in Indomitable Spirit. This is to never give up or succumb, to have an unbendable will.

Alejandro: Meaning defender of mankind, and is a very close match to Steffo’s middle name of Alesantro. The name highlights that the character belongs to the class of the Jedi Guardian. It also fits snugly with the ideas and ideals of the Jedi. Who are seen as protectors and Guardians of peace and justice.

Furthermore the name underlines more key aspects of the character. Such as his own philosophies to protect and defend as well as his notoriety as a good duelist and swordsman, as well as his position of Jedi Battle Master/ Weapon Master.

Raniero: Italian form of English Rayner, meaning "wise warrior." Again is very close to the characters last name of Rancis. It emphasizes his role as a warrior and his portrayal as one, adding to the characters ultimate destiny to become and earn the title of Battle Master. Secondly it points at, the fact that the character is not just a fighter or a warrior. Indeed as seen once more in his portrayal, he is wise for his age, and quickly elevated through the ranks. As seen Steffo is not just a good swordsman, but also a good negotiator and is as knowledgeable as he is strong. The amount of Padawans he trained to knighthood and the in depth lessons he teaches as well as the way he acts, backs this up.

The Jedi Order

Steffo ordinator
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