Steffo's Phoenix Imperium armour
Steffo's Imperial Knight Armor
Production information

Steffo Rancis


Combat armor


Steffo Rancis


Steffo Rancis

Physical and technical specifications

Fitted to the 5ft 10inch stature and build of the wearer



Protection type

Upper body

Other markings

Phoenix Imperium insignia

Usage and history

Phoenix Imperium

Steffo Rancis' Armor was based upon a model of Imperial Knight Armor. His armor was the standard protection given to those who held a high rank within the Phoenix Imperium, although all suits bore the crest of the Imperium the Imperium was more open to the customisation of armor. As with its precursor the armor was fitted with combat in mind, with a duraplastchest and shoulder armour which was interwoven with phrik threads giving the armor some resistance to lightsaber strikes and Cortosis gauntlets capable of shutting down a lightsaber completely. Although Steffo and others were known to not always have donned the armor it did become his staple clothing of choice.

Steffo personalised his armor adding a personal insignia to the right shoulder pauldron which was dubebd "The red hand of judgement." It featured a red fist upon a black circular background. Steffo also wore thick leather gloves which had simillar properties as GenoHaradan power gloves.

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