Stark Industries Starships List. This list contains an up to date list of all products available for purchase on JvS. All designs mentioned on this page, or via subpages are legally patented and owned by Stark Industries on JvS. All designs listed here will have a corresponding link that you may click, which will take you off site to the Patents approval thread on the JvS website in case you wish to double check a patents specs, or need to use it for verification. All designs have their price listed, as well as in depth technical specs on each item. All items may be purchased on Bakura, at the Stark Industries Commerce Exchange. Simply place your order either in person, or via comm at the Purchasing Counter. Thank You.


Stark Industries V-16 Terminator

Chryya-class very fast courier - 50000cr

R-41 Starchaser

Droid StarfightersEdit

Hunter-Seeker Droid

Droid tri-fighter

Support Ships Edit

Delaya-class courier

Vaya-class scout - 50000cr

Medium Ships Edit

Lucrehulk-class Coreship

Munificent-class star frigate - 57m cr

Heavy Ships Edit

Heavy Munitions Cruiser

Lucrehulk-class battleship

Recusant-class light destroyer - 61,000,000 credits