• Type: Defensive
  • Cost: 10,000,000,000 Credits per unit


The Stark Industries Force Nullifier. Yet another innovative creation by the engineers of SI. The S.I.F.N. nicknamed "Siphon", is a multi spectrum sonic device used to interrupt a force users connection to the force. The device generates an ultra-low frequency sonic pulse, mimicking the target's nervous system impulses. This in fact, is very similar to the Sil-50 sleep inducer, renowned for its abilities at disorientation.. The Siphon however, has a more specialized function.


The siphon, when activated, will produce a low frequency sonic pulse, designed to mimic the the nervous system. At the same time, it will also generate a kind of counter pulse, which is specifically designed to STIMULATE the nervous system. These two pulses, one stimulating the nervous system, and the other counter stimulating it, would have the effect of bombarding a sentients nervous system with pulses, and counter pulses. Lulling it to sleep, then waking it up again. These signals, sent out in high speed intervals, would create the following symptoms in ANY sentient: disorientation, trouble with concentration, and minor headaches.

However, the effects on a force user would be FAR more effective, and worth the annoying headaches. This scrambling of the nervous system, would virtually override the impulses sent from the midichlorians, to the force users brain. In essence, the sonic frequency disrupting the force users nervous system to the point that such minute communication between a cell, and a mind, is impossible, while still maintaining the minimum disruption necessary for consciousness and cognitive thought. And thus, the link between the the user, and the force, is disrupted. Now, the SIphon also has another use, which will be mentioned now:

Auxiliary useEdit

When desired, the intensity of the SIphon can be deliberately strengthened (While still retaining its effective range), and the full effects of the disruption can be felt by anyone unshielded. The symptoms are as follows: Severe disorientation, vomiting, dizziness, and loss of consciousness up to one hour. (As par the fact it isn't a concentrated beam like the Sil-50).

Armor and ear protectionEdit

It should be noted, that only the heaviest of armors and the most high grade of ear protection will protect you against the Siphon. While indeed high frequency protection in your ears would block you from hearing the frequency. The frequency would STILL harmonize and cause harmonic vibrations against any exposed skin, and would thus still interact with the nervous system this way. Granted though, if armor was used in conjunction with auditory protection, then there would be no effect whatsoever.

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