Stark Industries AssualtTransport

Technical SpecificationsEdit

  • Type: Support
  • Cost: 1,200,000 Credits per unit
  • Length: 32 Meters
  • Width: 28 Meters
  • Height: 6 Meters
  • Speed: 100 MGLT (Moderate)
  • Armament:
  • Hull: Duranium over Titanium Hull (laced with Phrik for EMP resistance)
  • Energy Systems:
    • (2) Thrust Engines
  • Repulsor lifts
  • Gunship Shielding (Heavy shield)
  • Class 2.0 Hyperdrive
  • Accessories:


The Stark Industries Assault Transport was developed by Varlor Xandoria as a strong transport that could create a safe zone for landing as well as provide cover. The Dual Turbolaser turrets make it somewhat effective against Capital ships in large numbers, but more importantly effective against heavy armoured foes on the battle field. The flamethrower is effective in forest areas and areas that are dense with foes as it can scorch the ground to create a safe landing zone. It sports concussion missiles as a defence against starfighters and other flying foes, on top of it all it has Hex missiles as the primary means of destroying the enemy on mass, but it is the blasters that keep the infantry at bay. Its hull can take quite a beating before giving in, but its primary means of protection is its heavy shield, and weaponry. This Vehicle really does take the saying “Offense is the best defence” to the next level. Production is available at Stark Industries.

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