Spitfire-class Assault Vehicle
Production information

Light Vehicle


200,000 credits

Technical specifications

9.87 meters


7.22 meters


6.89 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

90 km/h

Power plant
  • AV-64 Antimatter Reactor
  • Solar Panels (4)

Alusteel/Titanium Alloy

  • Heavy 6-barreled Gatling Laser Cannons (2)
  • Nano Missile Pods (28 missiles each) (4)
  • Medium Laser Cannons (2)
  • Light Laser Cannons (4)
  • Driver
  • Primary Gunner
  • Secondary Gunner/Commander
  • Droid Brain
Minimum crew


  • Assault Vehicle

Another new design by Ommerike Arms, the Spitfire is made to pour out tons of fire in a short amount of time. While not the most powerful vehicle in the world, it gets the job done when it needs to.


A rather impressive repulsorlift vehicle, the Spitfire is designed more with offense in mind than defense. With two massive six barreled Gatling laser cannons mounted on top of a wide frame, it is capable of literally tearing apart lightly armored vehicles and damaging more heavily armed ones. The Gatling lasers are capable of firing for 30 seconds straight, then need to cool down for 15 seconds before firing again. However, they can be put in to quite a few different firing modes, from being completely linked to overlapping their firing times so that no matter what one is firing all the time. They are each capable of firing 800 rounds per minute after a warm up period of 5 seconds.

If those are deactivated, they can be rotated around to the rear, or even simply lifted up to allow the missile pods to fire. These pods are capable of firing all 112 missiles at once, firing them one at a time, firing a single pod at a time, or quite a few other options. While not extremely powerful, they’re strong enough to get the job done.

On the front of the craft are two medium laser cannons that are capable of firing at a 30 degree angle from forward all the way to a 45 degree angle from back, covering all but the front and rear portions. The four light lasers, with two mounted on each side, are capable of rotating around 180 degrees however, so they are able to cover most of the rest.

The vehicle is powered by a rather large antimatter reactor, as well as four smaller solar panels, that provide enough energy for the weapons. However, the main cannons and missiles cannot be fired at the same time due to power drain.

There is room for three in the ‘cockpit’ of the craft – one pilot, a primary gunner, and a secondary gunner. A droid AI is also capable of taking over any one job and performing it to a good ability, although not as good as a well trained human would.

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