Longsword by ravenoo

Dragus' Longsword "Soulchewer".

Upon returning from his exodus into the Unknown Regions, the Sith Lord known as Dragus brought with him a new weapon. The item in question appeared to be a Vibro-Longsword, though later it would be revealed to be so much more. The weapon was first seen on Dragus' person when he arrived on Sump just prior to the NOE/Mando conflict. It was over a meter in length, slim in appearance, and elegant in design. Engraved on the pommel was the symbol of the ever-watchful Eye, the patron deity of the Order. The blade had been silvered and seemed to illuminate with an odd blue glow when the Dark Sides power was present. The longsword appeared to be attuned to the Sith Lord's power, as seen when he channeled the Force through it causing the blades length to crackle with Force Lightning. Its composition is Unknown though it is assumed that it was forged using lightsaber resistant alloys in an arcane Sith Alchemy ritual. Dragus would often coat the blade in deadly Synox poison, as it was extremely effective and difficult to spot. Due to the poison coating, the sword was stored in a sheath made from drexl scale.

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