Solos lifeEdit

Solo Talon was born on Mandalore to his allit of clan Mandalo, this clan is what what made him a warrior, he fought in the Mandalorian wars only to die....or so all thought. He was "reborn" in a glass test tube in a cloning facility, hundreds of years later under the late Grand Admiral Thrawn, where he was trained as a solider/sniper, later in life, after the final attack and Thrawn's death, he was trained by pirates to smuggle and raid. After becoming a Darknight Primus, by luck so it seemed, Solo suffered a serious loss, his master, mentor and friend, the Darknight Commander (Talon Darknight) to the hands of the Chiss. Solo is currently caught up with running his former master's organization; the Darknights; an elite mercenary force, determined to expand, and eventually enact revenge on the Chiss that stole his masters life. However he really just wants to settle down and raise a family, making it so he doesn't have to go into combat unless he wants to.

Third Crusade and BattlegroupEdit

Basileus-class Star Dreadnought: Faction Ship

Keldabe-class Battlecruiser (2x): Immortality, Honored Dead: Medium-Class

-80 Heavy Dual Turbolaser Batteries
-40 Ion Cannons
-40 Point Defense Laser Cannons
-1 Shield Leechers (Banned)
-1 Malleus Fusion Ordnance Hypervelocity Cannons (Modified to fit)

Katana Class Destroyer---Wings Clipped for medium Classing 1x for now soon to be 2x

=Technical Specifications=
Length: 890 meters
Width: 1,350 meters
Height: 800 meters (estimated)
Hull: Medium, Ribbed Laminanium outer hull, Ribbed and hardened Durasteel inner hull
8 Diamond Boron missile launchers (12 missiles each)
12 Heavy Mass Driver cannons
24 Heavy Turbolaser cannons
24 Light Turbolaser cannons
48 Heavy Repeating laser cannons
60 point defense lasers
Stygium Cloaking device
Gravity Field Imitator
Deflector shield generator
EM field generator
Speed: 60 MGLT, 1,000 kph
Hyperdrive: 0.8, 4.0 Backup

Wherda-class Cruiser: Spectral, Marathon, Peregrine, Xavier:Light class (4x)
-24 Turbolaser Cannons
-8 Heavy Turbolasers
-40 Assault Concussion Missile Tubes
-80 Quad Laser Cannons
-4 Heavy Mass Driver Cannon
-48 Nuclear Missile Launch Tubes-1 Stigium Cloaking Devices

Crusader-class corvette (4x): Melhorn, Foundation, Wellspring, Sand Panther (Modified Weapons)
-48 Laser Cannons

-40 Point Defense Laser Cannons

Hunter Assault Fighter 12X

=Technical Specifications=
Length: 10m
Width: 4m
Height: 2m
Hull: Titanium alloy frame and inner hull with a thin layer of durasteel acting as the outter hull
-2 Heavy Laser Cannons(between the top and and bottom wings on both sides)
-3 Laser Cannons(Connected to the Wings)
-3 Ion Cannons(connected to the wings)
-1 Missile Launcher(under the cockpit)
--10 missiles
-140 MGLT
-1,500 Km/h
Counter Measures:
-Stygium Cloaking Device
Other Systems:
-Self-Destruct Mechanism

Manta-Class Assualt Starfighter ---Modified beskar armor

=Technical specifications=
Length 12 meters
Hyperdrive rating 1.0
Armament Light ion cannons (2)
Medium laser cannons (2) - wingtip mounted, fire linked
Heavy laser cannons (2) - interior wing mounted, fire linked
Crew Pilot (1)
Gunner (1)
Cargo capacity 100 Kilograms Consumables 1 week

Darknight 3rd Crusade
>1- Crusade: Darknights (50,000)
>1- Battalion: Praetorians (2,500)
>1- Battalion: Slayers (2,500)>1- Company: Shadows (500)

>1- Regiment: Hellios-class Tanks (116)>3- Regiments: Cerberus-class Tanks (324)>4- Regiments: Striker-class Tanks (432)>2- Regiments: All Terrain Anti-Aircraft Guns (116)>1- Regiment: Self Propelled Medium Artillery (108)>.90-Regiment: Basilisk War Droids (100)

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