Soli Dia (Pronunciation: So-lee Dee-ah) was a Kaminoan businessman, who became the manager of Kamino Clones and Exports.


Soli was born on Kamino, and became a respected businessman. He was asked by Mon Shurima to temporarily manage Kamino Clones and Exports, which had been handed to her by Kira Nagami, as Shurima had other business to attend to. Soli supervised the production of the Night Jedi production order, which would be gifted to the Night Jedi. Soli also negotiated with representatives of the Phoenix Imperium who wished to take over, and later co-ordinated the defence against them when they attacked. Even after the deal with the PI to give them control of the Kamino Clones and Exports facilities, Soli remained as acting manager to oversee the Night Jedi production order. Once production was completed, Soli signed off the deal, and awaited a PI representative to take the business off his hands. However, this did not immediately occur, so Dia remained as the acting manager for a time.


While awaiting the PI, Soli was visited by Tidus and Nemo, who had come to learn of Tidus' past, after he had lost his memory. Soli helped him, showing him the computer records of the Encroach-class Transport Destroyer he knew about, and the records of the previous operators of the business. The talk, however, was cut short when Rhiannon Deathstrung returned, and disabled the security system. Soli went out into the corridor to investigate, but was decapitated by Rhiannon's lightsaber.

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