The Sniper-styled-shotgun, or SSS, was a weapon custom-built by the Night Jedi Abyss. It fired shotgun cartridges with tight choke, for longer range, and included a telescopic sight for accuracy. Only 6 of these weapons were known to have been produced, all going to the staff of the Night Jedi's Endor Citadel.

Current WhereaboutsEdit

  • Abyss's SSS - still owned by Abyss
  • Jobie Wan Kenobi's SSS - Still owned by Jobie
  • Rahmus's SSS - In Rahmus's office, Endor Citadel
  • Pryce Fisto's SSS - Presumed still owned by Pryce
  • Kyle Tinto's SSS - Presumed still owned by Kyle
  • Ne'aol's SSS - Presumed still owned by Ne'aol.
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