This article refers to the Force users known as Sith. You may be looking for the Sith Species.

Sith Emblem

The Emblem of the Sith

Sith are Force users using the dark side. The word may also refer to the beliefs and code that they follow. Many Orders in Jedi vs Sith use the Sith name, although many are significantly different form the canonical Sith of Star Wars itself. The canonical Sith are described in detail at Sith on Wookieepedia

This page lists Sith Orders and Characters. Other Sith-like Orders may take the name of Dark Jedi and are listed on that page.

List of Sith in Jedi vs SithEdit


The Ronove Order
The Brotherhood of the Sith
The Sith Triumvirate
New Sith Order
Grand Sith Alliance
World Eaters


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