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Sirona Nemain Tailtu
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1982 ABY

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  • Jedi Master Izanami
  • Dark Lady of the Sith Belachina


Unlike most of her fellow Kasians, who normally had dark hair and dark eyes, their bodies thin and pale, Sirona was blonde and grey eyed, with a toned athletic body, and sun-kissed skin, setting her apart completely from the rest of her kind.

Normally, she wore simple robes, usually pale in colour (Cream, Ivory etc), but when the situation called for it, she could be glamorous and sultry, dressing in the most beautiful garments from her home world.


Born on Kasia in 1982ABY, Sirona was an only child, adored by both her Mother and Father.

Little was known about her childhood, other than her parents were both killed during a civil war between three rival factions, that ultimately tore the planet in two.

Sirona never spoke of her youth, not openly at least. There had been a woman she had once confided in, by the name of Setesuyara, a woman similar in age and upbringing to her, though Setesuyara had lost only her mother during the conflict.


Sirona (Right) with Setesuyara (Lef)

The two became inseparable, each finding comfort, support and warmth in the other, though death soon found a way to rip them from each other’s arms. Six months into their relationship, Setesuyara was killed in a fire fight between rival gangs, outside a Cantina on Kasia.

Over come with grief, Sirona acquired a ship, a black Scurrg H-6 Prototype Bomber, which she christened “The Maeve”, meaning “The Intoxication” – and left Kasia to start a new life, away from the devastation that the war had brought down upon her.

She journeyed to Ladarra, in the Outer Rim Territories where she learned to focus her gift of the Force, through her Master, Izanami. After only two years of training, Izanami was killed by a Sith Lord named Belachina, who took Sirona as an apprentice for herself.

Sirona resisted the training of Belachina for a short while, determined never to become like those that had almost destroyed Kasia, though the promise of saving the lives of loved ones, and “helping” planets avoid the same fate as her home world, proved too much, and Sirona soon fell to the Dark side.


Sirona was quiet, reserved, but when the time called for it fierce, ruthless and sometimes cruel. She was loyal to a fault, and protective of those that she had grown close to.


Although she had some basic training in the ways of the Force both Light and Dark side, Sirona was unlike most Sith. She did not openly carry a light saber, instead, restricting herself to the use of a DH-17 blaster pistol – by orders of Lady Belachina.

Authors NotesEdit

Behind the Names

  • Sirona - Celtic Goddess of Healing.
  • Nemain - Celtic Goddess of Fury.
  • Tailtu - Celtic Earth Goddess.
  • Maeve - Bloodthirsty Queen of Connaught.
  • Setesuyara - Goddess of the Underworld in South-East Asian Mythology.
  • Izanami - Shinto Creator Goddess
  • Belachina - Mayan Goddess of Death
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