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"Is it Blaster Resistant??"
"Anything but straight-Shot"
--2 Blue Wave Metallurgists to each other

ShockTrooper Armor in Desert Fatigue

The newly designed and revamped Shock-trooper is made solely for the mass infantry and support troops of the armies of the Galaxy. It is designed for all environments and is made out of new, lightweight materials. It weighs 6 kilograms and costs up to 10,000 credits.

This armor is more expensive and provids better protection than standard Stormtrooper armor. Each armor plate in the chest is made out of lightweight, yet durable Phrik with an ArmorPlast Mesh that's about 2 inches thick. The soldier's main uniform is formed out of the same composite materials as a Mandalorian Kama and Armorweave. It is also optimized for easy bacta injection by handheld dispensers. When it was tested, it provided better comfort and durability than even Katarn-Class Commando Armor.


2 ShockTroopers in Space Fatigue


The helmet has a Heads Up Display (HUD) that consistently displays tactical data such as the locations and distances to a target and number of rounds left. It also displays overall the health of the wearer to the commanders. It has the ability to system link with other suit wearers through the use of an internal communications antenna, allowing each member of a platoon to keep track of each other. All of these features are viewed through the visor and HUD. The filtration mask can extract oxygen from toxic environments and water in specialized types. It almost has a close resemblance to Katarn Armor in its functions.


The body of the armor has several features as well such as light Phrik and an ArmorPlast mesh for defense against blaster fire and other anti-infantry weapons. It is also very resistant to extremes in heat and cold. Its cloth (sewn very closely that it almost resembles nanoweave fibers) made from materials used in a Kama and ArmorWeave, allows a wearer to survive in a vacuum for up to 4 minutes and is very reliable in resisting blaster-fire and flying shrapnel.


The armor can come custom made for any environment: snow, swamp, desert, urban, space, and many others. Most Shocktrooper armor usually has been customized by its wearer, with infantry placing their motto and insignia on the shoulder pads.

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