Shihab Mahir & Biron's Paw


Species: Stenax
Gender: Male
Height: 2.4 meters or 7'9"
Wingspan:2.6 meters or 8'5"
Skin Color: Slate Gray
Eye Color: White

Available Funds:

Starting Balance: 1,000,000 "7


Parents: Unknown

Raised by an old Shistavanen Hyperspace explorer, Shaalir Biron. Shi has never met another Stenax, he knew only his Shistavanen caretaker for any length of time growing up. He grew up among the stars, finding new trade routes, and re-building old ones alike. He's had his fair share of run ins with pirates, smugglers, and bounty hunters, as they usually make it their business to know their stars, and know them well, especially the smugglers. He is gruff, and rough around the edges, and not someone that enjoys social engagements. He isn't heartless though, if you manage to gain his trust, you'll have an ally for life. Protective of the few friends he may have, he will die defending them, or else destroy the offending party completely.

His old "uncle" now dead, claimed at last by time, left him a small fortune, nothing huge, but enough to purchase a new Starship. Knowing from personal experience that the Corellians make the best ships, if only because they account for your own tinkering, he headed core-ward. While on Corellia, a passing Jedi noticed he was force sensitive and offered to train him. Shihab declined politely, but firmly as that was not conducive to his goals in life at the time. After purchasing his ship, from CEC, a stock VCX-700, He gave it a once over before naming it Biron's Paw, in honor of his Uncle, the only friend and family he'd ever known. The one who'd taught him to think of family first, friends second , self third and everyone else after the rest had been taken care of.

Biron's Paw didn't stay a stock vehicle for long. Shihab upgraded it's shields, engines, navigational computer, and added a unique droid brain, "BP". Making BP a self aware ship perfectly capable of plotting new star routes without any outside assitance. BP often acts as gunner and sensor opperator during Shi's flights. While Shi usually pilots BP, the ship can fly it's self if needed. The Droid brain was made with the ability to learn, so BP never stops getting smarter.


Z-6 rotary blaster cannon(1)
Proton Grenades(3)
Cryoban Grenade(2)

Force Powers:

TK (Padawan)

Force Conceal (Knight)

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