Manufacturer: Throndec Industries, Shiar Throndec

Production Rights: Throndec Industries, Shiar Throndec, Salnor

Functionality: personal combat practice system

Cost: 5,000

Combat training is hard to make real. So, I have created a small personal energy shield, based similarly to that of the Droideka shield, but smaller and weaker. It is a vest with a switch on the back. Put it on, and activate the shield. Sheild will turn off from a blast with a stun bolt (from a training remote, for example) or with a light blow from a lightsaber, while allowing physical objects (ie. the wearer's arms and legs, vibroblades, etc.) to pass through. Two can wear the trainers, then dual. First to deactivate the others' shield wins.

WARNING!: Does not protect limbs, only body and head.

WARNING!: Not designed to protect from malicious attack. A strong blow WILL go through the shield and harm the wearer

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