Nem Yin's amphistaff, Shem-Veesu.

was the name Nem Yin gave to his amphistaff just after acquiring it in the Praetorite attack on the Citadel of Yun-Yuuzhan. Translated into basic, the name means Blood Thirster. Ordinarily a warrior must acquire an amphistaff just after it has broken off from its polyp in order to bond with it. However, in Nem's case he acquired the serpent from a warrior he murdered while attempting to retake the Citadel. At first the creature was resistant to him, but upon sensing the cunning predator that the Vong was, the amphistaff relented and began to obey Nem's commands. Three meters in length, the staff possessed remarkable reach when engaged in melee combat. Its scales were the same jet black hue as the Intendant's vacuum cloaker, partially concealing it when coiled around his chest or arm.

Because of the late bonding, the staff tended to behave more violently than it would otherwise. Often it would hiss and snap its jaws upon sensing someone approach Nem, acting in some capacity as an early warning device. As with a rare few amphistaff varieties, Shem-Veesu had a large scaled hood that extended from the sides of its head and neck area. Capable of expanding to several inches in length, the hood was able to serve in the capacity of an axe when the creature became rigid. Also due to its considerable length, the weapon was able to spit venom several meters further than most amphistaffs, sometimes reaching a maximum distance of twenty-five meters.

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