Shadownova was Valerian Aslamir's flagship Lucrehulk-class. It was involved in several skirmishes with the Night Jedi


Shadownova was a heavily customised Lucrehulk, sporting:

  • Black, star-speckled camoflague paint
  • A cloaking device
  • EMP overload mechanism
    • Charges up, causing shields to flicker on-and-off, before discharging in a large EMP


Shadownova was known to carry a complement of Vulture Droids and Porax-38 starfighters. It was also at times backed up by a support group of Hammerhead-class frigates.



History Unknown.

Night Jedi ConflictsEdit

Shadownova was involved in the Night Jedi vs Valerian Conflicts.

Lucrehulk EncounterEdit

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Shadownova attempted to land on the Forest Moon of Endor, sneaking past the Night Jedi defences with its cloaking device. However, entering the atmosphere caused meteorological effects that the Night Jedi detected and investigated. Iota Flight, a Night Jedi flight of X-Wings, investigated the area Shadownova was in, firing upon it. Valerian responded by launching vulture droids, and after a brief dogfight, the Night Jedi had been captured.

Outpost AttackEdit

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Shadownova landed troops on the moon, before pulling back into space. It and its support fleet were attacked by Night Jedi forces, taking heavy damage. Shadownova retreated into hyperspace.

Second AttackEdit

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Later, Shadownova would return to the Forest Moon of Endor, preceded by a commando team aboard Silent Striker, which was disguised as a trading vessel. In the battle that followed, Shadownova fought the Night Jedi fleet, taking heavy fire from the Night Jedi capital ships, but also doing heavy damage to the Night Jedi 'Hub' Battlestation. In a final last-ditch effort, Shadownova activated its EMP overload, taking considerably more damage as its shields flickered on-and-off, but disabling a considerable portion of the Night Jedi fleet. This forced the Night Jedi to break off to regroup and repair.

Jedi ShadowsEdit

Immediately after the battle, Shadownova detected the Jedi Shadows' fleet, and Valerian, knowing he could not win against them as well, entered into negotiations with them.



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