Seventh Circle
Production information

Firespray-31 patrol craft

Modified by
Technical specifications
Modified systems
  • weapons
  • sheilds
  • hyperdrive
  • hull
  • interior
Hyperdrive rating
  • class 1
  • backup class 16
Power plant

AMF/4mk2 antimatter powerplant


two layers


Adaptive pigmentation

  • heavy laser cannon (4)
  • missile launchers (4)
  • magazine of 12 missiles each
  • tractor beam (1)

personal transport


JvS (Chaos Era)


Osarian Guard


Osarian Guard


discretionary fleet

Known owner(s)

Aron Kellemann

Seventh Circle was one of Aron Kellemann's personal ships. It was a Firespray-31 patrol craft claimed and heavily modified by Kellemann after being left on Osarian during Operation: CRIMSON SKIES. The modifications involved were similar to, but not quite the same as, the modifications given to its sister ship Charon's Ferry.

Modifications Edit

  • The Seventh Circle was given an adaptive pigmentation system that allowed it to alter its color scheme on command to match any of the half-dozen preset color schemes in the ship's internal computers. The system could also be used as an optical camouflage system to visually stealth the ship. Used as such, however, it was not perfect; when in motion, the ship would still appear as a clear moving ripple.
  • The ship had its original powerplant removed and replaced with a miniaturized antimatter reactor built by Chyornov Combat Systems.
  • The original hyperdrive was scrapped, and an updated class 1 drive installed.
  • To complement the adaptive pigmentation's stealth value, the Seventh Circle was modified to emit a lower infrared signature and a less detectable ion trail. As with the visual stealthing, however, these systems were not perfect, and any medium to large warship could easily pick out its location if the sensor officer knew where to look. The stealth systems primarily served to confuse and dull missile locks.
  • Rather than the class's original twin blaster cannon, the Seventh Circle carried four heavy laser cannon, four missile launchers with magazines of twelve missiles each, and a low-grade tractor beam.
  • The interior of the Seventh Circle was decorated in Tselon wood, including a weapons cabinet and an armor cabinet, both handmade from the wood.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The name of the Seventh Circle was inspired by Dante's Inferno. In the literary work, the Seventh circle of Hell is reserved for those whose sins were of a violent nature.

The Natural Laws ban excessive modification to ships, as modification just like fanon designs can very easily get out of hand. The amount of modification done on Seventh Circle and Charon's Ferry is only permitted on the basis of the precedent set for Firespray-31 by Jango and Boba Fett's Slave I.

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