Serrum Yem was a Yuuzhan Vong Hunter, who later took over his domain and served the Yuuzhan Vong Empire. He brought about new strength to his domain, both militarily and economically.

Serrum Yem
Biographical information

Tur Yenagh


Chaos Era

Physical description

Yuuzhan Vong




2 Meters

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Chronological and political information

Chaos Era


Yuuzhan Vong Empire

Early Life Edit

Serrum Yem, or Serrum Domain Yem, was born on Tur-Yenagh into the Warrior Caste, to very faithful Yuuzhan Vong parents. He was taught to fear the Yun'o, serve them faithfully, and keep them happy. The Yuuzhan Vong Warrior followed this teaching, sacrificing parts of his body to keep the Yun'o very happy, and was rewarded with pain. Quickly it was seen he was one of the most skilled Warriors of his caste, for he knew not fear of death, seeing it as the ultimate Embrace of Pain. He became a Hunter, one of the most skilled Warriors around, and grew in power, as well as in his hatred of his Domain Leader. He wasted their resources on music and was dangerously close to heresy, until Serrum challenged the Domain leader. He slew him, pouring out his blood as a sacrifice to the Yun'o.

Chaos Era History Edit

He set about bringing reform to his Domain, growing more and more ships, and increasing his armies strength. Knowing it was the Yun'o's will, he sought out an audience with the Supreme Overlord ,Vua Pwyll, who let him know of a new revelation from the Yun'o, of various weapons and ships. Hearing of a great Warrior, he learned of Matar Lyndruss, and seeked him out above Bastion. Getting permission to shape Abbaji, he started construction on a Shipwomb.

Personality and Traits Edit

Serrum was described as a military genius, and loved pain with a passion. He sought after it, and it almost consumed him. He was extremely devout, sacrificing various parts of his body and tattooing the rest to help him.


Serrum normally carried an Amphistaff, with multiple pouches of Blorash Jelly strapped on. He also carried Blast Bugs and Razor Bugs, but was known to carry other biots too. He had a Fire Spitter implanted in his right arm.