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[[Alana Brandwyn]]
[[Alana Brandwyn]]
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[[Category:Races and Species]]
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Sephi were near-Humans indigenous to Thustra.

Description Edit

Outwardly, the Sephi were similar in appearance to Human stock, but had large, pointed ears. Depending on personal status, it was common for upper-class Sephi to fashion their hair into thick spirals adorned with gemstones and other decorations, making it a source of personal pride. The Sephi were a long-lived species, with elder individuals living for more than 200 years, possibly up to 400.

Behind the scenes Edit

Leland Chee, on the Star Wars Message Boards, stated that his theory is that "all pointy-eared species are either Sephi or closely related to Sephi." Notice that he answered this when asked about Farfalla's, who had equine features including hooves. Due to her pointed ears, it is possible that Jedi Master Fay might be Sephi.

Notable Sephi Jedi Edit


Arden Brandwyn

Rexx Todd

Alana Brandwyn

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