Basics[edit | edit source]

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  • early 38ABY

Events[edit | edit source]

After the Endor Outpost Attack, the Night Jedi repaired and rearmed, while Valerian escaped and re-equipped. Valerian's ship 'Silent Striker' went to Endor, under disguise as a trader, and sold replacement ships and vehicles to the Night Jedi. It also disembarked a commando assault team aboard the Hub Battlestation.

Space Battle[edit | edit source]

Valerian's main fleet returned to Endor and attacked again, this time also utilising Porax 38 starfighters. The attack resulted in damage to both sides, although the Night Jedi prevailed and put Valerian's forces in retreat. Valerian's flagship Shadownova took heavy barrages, but activated an EMP which disabled enough Night Jedi ships for them to cease the offensive.

Hub Battlestation[edit | edit source]

The commando strike team attacked the Night Jedi Hub Battlestation, killing the defending troops aboard before being halted by the bridge blast-doors. The air was evacuated from the corridor sections, leaving only one attacker remaining, whose fate is uncertain. It is known that after Jobie Wan Kenobi boarded the station, it was retaken for the Night Jedi.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After the battle, Valerian's forces planned to attack the moon, however, they spotted the Night Jedi allies the Jedi Shadows, and broke off their plans to enter into negociations with the Shadows.

At some point after this battle, Jobie left the Hub battleship on a near 20-year sabbatical, and the Night Jedi Order fell into disorder, allowing many of the facilities and ships be mothballed. They remain in a servicable state at the Hub station, which was heavily damaged.

(See also Second Night Jedi Collapse

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