TSTS vessel, Scrap Collector.

The Scrap Collector was a GS-100 salvage ship owned by Victor Azzameen and pressed into the service of Twin Suns Transport Services (TSTS). Originally constructed by Gallofree Yards, the vessel was designed to sift through the remains of space battles, gathering valuable debris to sell for scrap. After purchasing the vessel, Victor enlisted the aid of the TSTS and Krupx Munitions in modifying the ship. Instead of being used for the collection of salvage, it would be reconstructed for the purposes of combat operations. Numerous tractor beam generators, homing missile racks, seismic charges, proton rocket launchers, and cluster missile tubes.

Unlike the stock model, the ship's outer hull was replaced with havod/duranium blend armoured plating. These alloys gave the exterior a deep crimson coloration. A thin layer of reflect polymer was used to coat almost the entire outer surface, shielding the heavy ordnance contained within from being detected by scans. Several mechanical arms extended from the sides, appearing to be used for dragging salvage into the internal compartments. In truth the arms were inoperable. The compartments they would normally move debris into had been used to house missile racks and other various ordnance.

Larger than a transport but too small for a hangar bay, the vessel possessed a docking hatch on its underside. Internal security systems were installed to prevent unauthorized access. The cargo bay was shrunk in order to make room for the addition weapon systems, which a crew of droids was responsible for loading. Spare ordnance was stored in the remaining available space. As for the rest of the crew, Victor was responsible for piloting the ship while four Ewok TSTS employees saw to operating the other systems.

Technical Specifications[edit | edit source]

  • Length: 85 meters
  • Hull: Havod/Duranium alloy
  • Hyperdrive Rating: Class 3.0, Backup Class 15.0
  • Minimum Crew: Pilot (1)
  • Passengers: Droids (20)
  • Consumables: 1 month

Armament[edit | edit source]

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