1Tim s Lightsaber Prototype by valaryc

Scourge, Eradomens' lightsaber.

Scourge was the name given to the "bloodshine" lightsaber of Eradomens. During a duel in the wastelands of Shili, the Famine Lord struck down Eradomens with an axe blow to the head. Dragus retrieved the lightsaber of his fallen foe and claimed it as his own. It served him well on numerous occasions, though eventually sustained damage during the Sith invasion of Myrkrr.

Two years later, the Famine Lord repaired the broken lightsaber. The hilt casing was too severely damaged and had to be replaced, but the interior was still in working in working condition. Dragus fashioned a new hilt for the lightsaber using electrum and stygian-triprismatic polymer. Engraved on the hilt was the Azzameen family crest, keeping with Dragus' assumed alias, Victor Azzameen.

The lightsaber featured a dual combination of lignan and synthetic crystals. This created an intensely powerful energy blade capable of cutting through all but the most durable of substances. It also assisted Dragus in channelling the Dark Side of the Force.

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