Sciame Multi-Purpose Missile

Showing the Main warhead and tributary missiles

The Sciame Multi-Purpose Missile is a versatile missile type. It consists of a main central warhead and six smaller tributary missiles. When fired (or in the case of a bomber "when dropped"), the primary thruster located on the main warhead will fire, propelling it toward the primary or single target. Soon afterward the tributary missiles engines will fire and launch forward from the main warhead's housing. At that moment separate guidance systems will kick in for each tributary missiles and they will guide their own course towards secondary targets if there are any. In the event of a lack of secondary targets, or if the missiles are so programed, the tributary missiles will fan outward and then last minute swarm in onto the target from separate angles as to present a harder target for any anti-missile defense systems. the main warhead had a 16 kilotons yield and 4 kilotons for each tributary.

Product InformationEdit


  • Ranged [Projectile, Explosive]


  • 1255.29 Km/h


10,000 credits

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