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"The Force, let it guide you, let it comfort you in times of loss and need, let it set your Path"
―Jedi Master, Ang'el Speaking to a group of curious students


Ang'el Uhani was a Jedi Master, A Master Warrior of the Zeison Sha, a Pilot, and an Acrobatic Lightsaber weilder that was a Epicanthix that wore her hair which slightly resembled that of the Padawan style. She had blue eyes and typically wore a set of dark silky Jedi robes as well as other skin tight outfit tripped with somekind of armourweave into it that was later identified as her Customized Zeison Sha Warrior Armor. In the profile picture Ang'el is depicted as a young Padawan being carried by her master after being injured in a battle.


Ang'el later though not an official Council Member yet, had lived through the clone wars , Great Jedi Purge, and as a young girl, the Great Catyclism War of Yanibar. Ang'el was at various times in her life, a Mechanic , but most noticibly of her time a respected Jedi do to her feats and service to the Lightside of the Force. It wasn't discovered until later that she would be hunted down.


Early Life Edit

"We live and we die by time, lets not commit the sin of turning our back on it. Only the dead have seen the end of War!"
―Ang'el lecturing a group of soldiers.

Ang'el, a Epicanthix female, was born during the decades leading up the the Galactic Civil War . Her planet Panatha had been toiled and ravaged for many years of war and slavery, and during which times she was made a orphan from her parents when they died in the Great Catyclism War. Ang'el was able to escape with her life off planet from the Empire or so she thought and her now doomed world.

Force Training - IEdit

Ang'el was surprisingly an able starfighter pilot at a very young age and made her way to Belkadan and the Jedi Academy there following the forces guidance. Upon arriving there she was met in the hangar by a couple by the names of "Shells", a nineteen year old white male and "Bix" his eight year old sister who fashioned black hair. Later on while at the Belkadan Academy and shortly after her arrival, Angel was found by a Jedi Togruta carrying the name of Cibo and having a rank of Jedi Master while Carh'la was doing some knowledgable reading in the Academies Library and Archive room .

Force Training - IIEdit

Padawanship - IEdit

As a young Padawan, she possessed the power and use of foresight . She demonstrated this ability even at her young age, where she was able to sense the disturbance in the force and even later the impending arrival of enemy forces before her master could. During her tenure as a Jedi Padawan, Ang'el was known to be impulsive and quick to act, as demonstrated immediately after discovering treachery in the peace talks. However, she was willing to admit that she was weak in certain character traits, such as her patience. Despite her flaws, she was firm in her beliefs and stood by them her whole life.

Ang'el participated in several major battles on behalf of the Republic and that of her master during the war. She studied under a number of Jedi Masters in order to gain knowledge and skills in which in her later years she would put to use. As a Padawan, she had fought with and had lost her second master since her time as a Jedi.

Path Of The SentinelEdit

"With power comes great responsability, always serve the light and it shall always serve your needs."
―The meaning engraved on Ang'el's Tonfa Sabers.

Ang'el was skilled at lightsaber combat , being proficient in engaging the Sith on Alderaan , Corellia , Ossus and on Dantooine . Ang'el's combat abilities were significant enough that she nearly single-handedly was able to turn the tide of a skirmish during a battle. She was able to hold her own at one point utilizing her blue-bladed tonfa sabers, a unusual color of lightsaber for a Sentinel to use.

A Jedi Sentinel blended both schools of teaching and amplified them with a series of non-force skills, such as in the fields if security, computers, stealth techniques, demolitions, repair and medicine. Ang'el's study was both in medicine, force techniques and that of studies of a Jedi Lore keeper. While studying all the traditional techniques and tuning her abilities, Ang'el made herself who she was today. She often found her isolation in various jedi temples but later it proved to be a hindrance as she was then later expected to work with the civilians in the galaxy. Ang'el was not blinded by faith and realized that the force did have its limitations.

Sorrows Of A Warrior - Padawanship - IIEdit

―Ang'el's thought during the moment of Master, Serran Otchi's death

Ang'el was stationed on a space station with her master over Dromund kaas with a blockade in attempts to thwart the Sith from reclaiming an ancient and thought to be lost homestead. While being escorted by her master and traveling with a light squad of Republican troops, she sensed a great darkness in the force moments before a Sith fleet exited hyperspace near the station. Moments later the Sith fleet appeared and began attacking the station and Republic forces. Realizing that the planet and the station was lost and that the Republic had to be warned, Ang'el, her master and the troopers began fighting through Sith boarding parties in an effort to reach the hangar bay. Upon reaching the hangar, the group was confronted by two Sith, an Apprentice and his Master, the Sith Lord that had laid in Exile and who attempted to stop the Jedi through a series of campaigns.

In order to buy time for their escape, Ang'el being young still and advancing in her skill craft did her best in engaging the Sith Lord , weilding a blue-bladed saberstaff and after a period of fierce combat was nearly slain before her master intervened. As the duel went on, she took a Force Lightning attack from the Sith Lord, but the Jedi had succeeded in allowing the troopers and some republican forces sufficient time to get ships and escape craft ready. Master Serran Otchi, a Zabrak, urged her to get to the ship and leave while he remained to handle the Sith. She obeyed throwing her master her lightsaber, she then manned one of the turrets aboard the ship in order to hold off the Sith fighters until they could escape into hyperspace. Shortly thereafter, Ang'el sensed her Master being slain by the Sith Lord through the Force, but maintained her focus and continued with the task at hand until they were able to escape.

Knighthood - IEdit

Ang'el was later promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight after passing both her trials as a Padawan and for those required to attain knight status. She later proved herself with her heroics both during the war and after the battle in which she lost her master to the hands of the Sith . She cemented her position as a major actor within the Jedi Order when she rediscovered the lost Jedi Homeworld .

A New Arrival - Knighthood - IIEdit

Additionally, Ang'el's Force Empathy ability was so powerful and intune that she was able to feel Padawan Rigel Windas' emotional state and know exactly what troubled him while communicating with him through a holographic transmission over the comlink while in transit from Coruscant to his new master, Rachel Margolin on Borleias.

The Zeison Sha: Of Heritage and Prestige - Knighthood - III Edit

After spending many years with the Chandril Ravens of Borleias and protecting the galaxy from harm, she left leading her on the path back to Sha Kalan Temple on Yanibar. A place Ang'el hadn't been since she was a young child, the memories remained in her mind as if it were only yesterday. Ang'el had come in search and to reclaim her Royal Heritage Bloodline of the Zeison Sha. She stayed enhancing her skills and formally became the very first champion with in the Zeison Sha making her an even more deadly opponent. There she used her skills of Agility and Acrobatics to further her progression and mastership of the Disc Blade, a weapon very symbolic to the Zeison Sha as they and those they taught were the only ones that used and carried it. Ang'el created her very own Disc Blade, as well as that of her Warrior Armor, both were highly unique and customized by her own hand and that of the Force. She became known as the first Prestige Class Master Warrior with in the Zeison Sha holding a secondary position as the "Keeper Of Knowledge". The Position was very unique as it covered various aspects of both combat, the order's history and teachings.


"What is the opposite of Liberty? The answer is Slavery. What is the opposite of Safety? Some might believe Danger. But that's not correct. The opposite of Safety is Personal Responsibility. We live in a Universe of false Tranquility, a temporary safety, for if we let our guard down darkness will over come us all. As Jedi we live a life of Servitude both to the people and the Force. If you believe it too Risky to compete against the forces of darkness you're a slave. Those who would accomplish little need sacrifice little; those who would achieve much must sacrifice much. Those who would attain highly must sacrifice greatly. In order to live free and happily, you must sacrifice safety. It is not always an easy sacrifice. To many Sanctuary is a state of mind which has been lost since the concept of sacrifice has been substituted by complacency. Without Pain, without Sacrifice, we would have nothing to learn from. What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the Universe remains and is immortal. A master who sacrifices their self for their subordinates will receive the gift of Loyalty."
―A personal belief recorded in Master Ang'el's Holo-Record

The title Jedi Master was the highest formal rank obtainable by a member of those who served in the Jedi Order. The rank of Jedi Master was bestowed upon Ang'el who had shown exceptional devotion and skill as well as a balance in the force to the order. As she held such a rank she was part of that smallest percentage of the order's membership. She also was aided in receiving this rank after many years by having, training those padawans one after the other, watching them pass in the Jedi Trials. Another gene played a particularly important role in her receiveing her status as Jedi Master was the fact that she held a substancial degree of mastery of the Force as well as her specialized knowledge and skill sets in vast fields of experience.

Order 66: The Untold ChapterEdit

Ang'el held the position of Jedi Lore keeper and in such duties her primary responsibility and concern was the keeping and safety of the knowledge of both the order and what consisted within the Jedi Holocron. While Order 66 was issued and during the fall of the temple she was in the library and secured the holocron fleeing tot he underground passageways allowing her to sneak away undetected. While in her escape the thought of the others and the younglings never left her mind, she held a higher responsability to secure and protect the holocron from the Sith at all costs and while she escaped she preyed that the force would be with them.

Personality And TraitsEdit

Early Young LifeEdit

Early Jedi TrainingEdit

Early KnighthoodEdit

Early Mastership Edit

Excelling during her trials as a Padawan, Ang'el used fluid movements and strategic advantages in combat both local and acrobatical within her skills. These skills and abilities continued well into the rest of her life and while serving the Jedi Order.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Languages and Communication SkillsEdit

Combat SkillsEdit

Kenchii Dansae Combat

  • (A emotional and fluid body dance both combative and non-combative forms can be applied in any situation)

Form IV: Ataru

Form I: Shii-Cho

Form III: Soresu

Form: Flowing Water Cut

Tràkata Style

Jar'kai Combat Style

Force TalentsEdit

Force Foresight

Projected Fighting

Force Empathy

Force Inertia

Force Curato Salva

Force Control Pain

Force Healing Meditation

Alchaka Meditation

Force Illusion of pain (Illusion of burning)

Acrobatical PhysiqueEdit


Main WeaponsEdit

Tonfa Saber'sEdit

Ang'el after the loss of her blue bladed saberstaff when her master fell, began work on two lightsabers, they were Tonfa lightsabers with blue blades. These two were to be her primary weapons, she later crafted and perfected her skills and uses of them becoming deadly proficient and precise with them.

Secondary WeaponsEdit

Disc BladesEdit

Ang'el taking after the studies and teachings of the Zeison Sha, created two of her very own Disc Blades is which she could embue with the Force. Though she did not use them much, she was however proficient in their use.

Other Equipment And ToolsEdit

Fleet And Other CraftEdit


E-Wing Escort Starfighter Series 4 "Sha's Pride" Ang'el flew a customized E-Wing Escort Starfighter Series Four, painted with blue and white striations with yellow on the starfighter.

Personal ShipEdit

Corellian Gunship "The Dark Serenity"

Flag ShipEdit

Interdictor-Class Cruiser "The Cataclysm"

Heavy ShipEdit

Pellaeon II-Class Star Destroyer "The Judge"

An alternative set up was built on the JedivSith Profile .

Support Ships

Braha'tok-Class Gunship "Baracuda I-VIIII"

Other AppearancesEdit

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