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Samantha Axena Katal
Biographical information



21 Standard Years Ago

Physical description

Human - Arkanian






125 lbs.

Hair color

Dark Vibrant Blonde

Eye color

Light Hazel

Chronological and political information

The Order of Twilight

Known masters

- Grand Master Renji Falor

-Raven Alora

Known apprentices

- Re-L Mayer

"I believe with every fiber of my being, that no one is a lost cause. You have the choice to redeem yourself, it all just depends on the willingness and readiness of that person.
~ Samantha Axena


Samantha Axena was a Grand Master, although she never accepted the title, a skilled duelist, but was always known for her Healing Techniques. Samantha was not an important figure amoung any of the Jedi Factions. Samantha rarely, if not at all, took on apprentences. She had a standard, that most said was in fact too high.

In Samantha's earlier years, she suffered with self-esteem issues that would always get in the way, or slow her down. However, Samantha was offered a position in a Order, the Order of Twilight. She took this offer, becoming the orders Jedi Master Instructor. This to her, was her greatest achievement.

The Early Years of Samantha Axena[]

"She is a precious gift, sent by the Heavens..."
~ Xyala Axena, Samantha's Mother.

The Unplanned Child[]

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Growing Up[]

The Late Padawan[]

Meeting the Raven[]

No Pain... No Gain[]