Djas Puhr

The Sakiyans were an intelligent species indigenous to Sakiya. They evolved from predatory mammals and still found thrill and glory in "the hunt." They were often employed as assassins and bounty hunters. Honor was extremely important to Sakiyans, and they disliked being proven wrong. If a Sakiyan dishonored him or herself, his or her family and descendants would be dishonored as well. However, a descendant could lift the dishonor from the family name through "glory-bringing" acts. They tended to place the interests of themselves and their communities above others, and were cautious in their dealings with other species, no doubt in part due to their planetary history of alien invasions. Sakiyans had a poor sense of humor.

In the days of the Old Republic, xenobiologists had differing opinions as to whether Sakiyans should be classified as Near-Human. In the days of the Empire, Imperial scientists concluded that they were a distinctly alien (though Humanoid) species on the basis of their unusual brain structure.

Their hairless skin came in a variety of shades, from pale to jet-black, purple, and crimson (although members of the pale-skinned subspecies are normally treated as outcasts in Sakiyan society). Their brains were nearly twice the size of a Human brain, and the parts of the Sakiyan brain devoted to sensory input and processing were superior even to those of the Bith. They had incredible infrared, peripheral vision and excellent aural and olfactory senses, considered nearly supernatural by other species. Their pupils contracted into slits instead of points, and their ears ended in sharp points. They were known to have 150% the strength and dexterity of humans, and averaged between 1.6 and 2.1 meters tall. Tarnese Bleyd, Thorp, Tuden Sal, and Djas Puhr were Sakiyans.

Sakiyan Force-users were rare.

Examples in JvS Edit

Brulax Ruso red skinned Jedi Grand Master

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