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===History of Sabine Luella Vessler===
===History of Sabine Luella Vessler===
{{quote|Fate robbed you of your childhood, and your only family. Though the Jedi nor Mandalorians can't replace either, I hope you will look to us for the love and friendship we can give you, and the strength we can lend you in times of need|Cassus Fett|}}
{{quote|Fate robbed you of your childhood, and your only family. Though the Jedi nor Mandalorians can't replace either, I hope you will look to us for the love and friendship we can give you, and the strength we can lend you in times of need|Cassus Fett|}}
====The Early Days====
====The Early Days====

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"Do not fear the darkness that lives within us all, however do not concede to it, lest you will be consumed and become its slave"
―Sabine Luella Vessler



Name: Sabine Luella Vessler

Race: Human (Mandalorian)

Home Planet: Dathomir

Age: 32

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 120lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Distinguishing features: None

Affiliations: Nightsisters / Clan Vhett

Specialties: Assassination, Diplomacy, Persuasion, Leadership, Teaching

Lightsaber Style: Ataru (dual) Shien (single)


  • Red lightsaber (standard)
  • Polished beskar hand scythe
  • Wrist-mounted saber-shield (shortened shoto hilt attached in middle to back of wrist, that spins so fast it creates a sort of "shield" effect). (Concept created by Cassus)
  • Dual-shot miniature shatter pistol strapped to boot-heels


"Those who fear death will never achieve real power."
―Sabine Luella Vessler

Lightsaber Form:

  • Form I: Shii-Cho - Adept
  • Form II: Makashi - Adept
  • Form III: Soresu - Adept
  • Form IV: Ataru - Mastered
  • Form V: Shien - Mastered
  • Form V: Djem So - Moderate
  • Form VI: Niman - Adept
  • Form VI: Jar’Kai - Moderate
  • Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad - Adept
  • Dun Möch - Mastered


  • Brawling - Moderate
  • Mandalorian Boxing - Technique Mastered
  • Hapkido - Moderate
  • Wing Chun - Adept
  • Muay Thai - Adept
  • Teräs Käsi - Moderate

Force Powers


  • Force Concealment - Moderate
  • Force Jump - Mastered
  • Force Push - Mastered
  • Porce Pull - Mastered
    • Force Whirlwind - Moderate
    • Force Wave - Moderate
  • Force Sense - Mastered
    • Farseeing - Mastered
    • Force Empathy - Mastered
    • Force Seeing - Mastered
  • Force Speed - Mastered
  • Telepathy - Mastered
    • Speech Comprehension - Mastered


  • Art of the Small - Moderate
  • Battle Meditation - Beginner
  • Breath Control - Moderate
  • Dopplegänger - Beginner
  • Force Bellow - Beginner
  • Force Body - Adept
  • Force Comprehension - Mastered
  • Force Confusion - Moderate
  • Force Concealment - Moderate
  • Force Deflection - Moderate
  • Force Flash - Beginner
  • Force Illusion - Adept
  • Force Meld - Beginner
  • Revitalize - Beginner
  • Force Suppression - Adept
    • Force Breach - Adept
  • Force Throw - Mastered
  • Force Vision - (Adept)
  • Force Whirlwind - Adept
    • Force Repulse - Adept
  • Force Weapon - Beginner
  • Force Whisper - Adept
  • Precognition - Beginner
    • Battle Precognition - Beginner
  • Psychometry - Moderate
  • Sever Force - Beginner
  • Spirit Transference - Beginner
  • Tapas - Adept


  • Deadly Sight - Beginner
  • Drain Knowledge - Moderate
  • Force Destruction - Adept
  • Force Drain - Moderate
  • Force Fear - Adept
    • Force Horror - Adept
      • Force Insanity - Beginner
  • Force Flight - Adept
  • Force Healing - Beginner
  • Force Shock - Moderate
    • Force Lightning - Moderate
      • Chain Lightning - Beginner
      • Force Storm - Adept
  • Force Resuscitation - Beginner
  • Force Scream - Adept
  • Force Slow - Adept
    • Force Affliction - Beginner
      • Force Plague - Beginner
  • Force Storm (wormhole) - Beginner
  • Force Wound - Adept
    • Force Grip - Moderate
      • Force Choke - Moderate
    • Force Crush - Moderate
  • Kinetite - Beginner
  • Mechu-Deru - Beginner
  • Midichlorian Manipulation - Beginner
  • Mind Control - Mastered
  • Sith Alchemy - Beginner
  • Spear of Midnight Black - Beginner
  • Thought Bomb - Beginner
  • Torture by Chagrin - Moderate


  • Shadow Portal - Beginner
  • Shadow Step - Beginner


  • Alter Environment - Moderate
  • Animal Friendship - Moderate
  • Combustion - Beginner
  • Droid Disable - Adept
  • Electric Judgement - Beginner
  • Force Blinding - Beginner
  • Force Enlightenment - Mastered
  • Force Healing - Beginner
  • Force Light - Beginner
  • Force Orb - Beginner
  • Force Projection - Adept
  • Force Protection - Adept
    • Force Defend - Mastered
      • Force Absorb - Mastered
    • Protection Bubble - Moderate
  • Force Stun - Adept
    • Force Stasis - Beginner
    • Force Stasis Field - Beginner
  • Force Valor - Beginner
  • Hibernation Trance - Adept
  • Mind Trick - Mastered
    • Force Persuasion - Mastered
  • Malacia - Beginner
  • Morichro - Beginner
  • Plant Surge - Moderate
  • Ray - Beginner


  • Alter Damage - Moderate
  • Saber Barrier - Moderate
  • Saber Throw - Mastered
  • Telekinetic lightsaber combat - Beginner

Nightsister Spells

  • Absorb/Alter - Mastered
  • Absorb/Dissipate Energy - Mastered
  • Animal Healing - Adept
  • Arrows of Fire - Moderate
  • Aquatic Sense - Moderate
  • Battle Meditation - Adept
  • Call Frost/Snow - Moderate
  • Call Mist - Moderate
  • Call Rain - Moderate
  • Concentration - Mastered
  • Environmental Attunement - Adept
  • Force "Blanket" - Mastered
  • Force Clutch - Mastered
  • Forcing Minds - Mastered
  • Force of Will - Mastered
  • Force Storm - Moderate
  • Force Wind - Moderate
  • Ground Communications - Adept
  • Mind Weave - Mastered
  • Mountain Sense - Moderate
  • Night Sight - Mastered
  • Probe Spell - Mastered
  • Projected Fighting - Adept
  • Seeking Spell - Mastered
  • Seer's Spell - Mastered
  • Shield Spell - Moderate
  • Song of Power - Mastered
  • Song of Power Healing - Adept
  • Spell of Assistance - Adept
  • Spell of Awareness - Mastered
  • Spell of Comfort - Adept
  • Spell of Communication - Mastered
  • Spell of Deception - Mastered
  • Spell of Detection - Mastered
  • Spell of Creature Understanding - Mastered
  • Spell of Discovery - Moderate
  • Spell of Dispell - Mastered
  • Spell of Interpretation - Mastered
  • Spell of Fire Creation - Adept
  • Spell of Focus - Moderate
  • Spell of Healing - Adept
  • Spell of Interpretation - Moderate
  • Spell of Levitation - Moderate
  • Spell of Lightning - Moderate
  • Spell of Magic Touch - Moderate
  • Spell of Mimicry - Adept
  • Spell of Mind Touch - Mastered
  • Spell of Ordering - Moderate
  • Spell of Open Mind - Mastered
  • Spell of Power - Mastered
  • Spell of Protection - Mastered
  • Spell of Structure - Moderate
  • Spell of Thought Touch - Mastered
  • Spell of Water - Moderate
  • Telekinesis - Mastered
  • Tempest - Moderate
  • Tide Sensing - Moderate
  • Warding Spell/Deflection - Mastered
  • Weather Sense - Moderate


Affiliations: Nightsisters.

Titles/Ranks: Former Matriarch



Personal Transport:


History of Sabine Luella Vessler

"Fate robbed you of your childhood, and your only family. Though the Jedi nor Mandalorians can't replace either, I hope you will look to us for the love and friendship we can give you, and the strength we can lend you in times of need"
―Cassus Fett

The Early Days

Sabine started life the daughter of a simple farming family on Concord Dawn. Raiders came one day, the dreaded and much-loathed Echan hordes, seeking riches and glory in the spilling of Mandalorian blood. The family stood no chance against the marauders, and as a 4 year old Sabine was hidden by her mother in the basement, she listened on, petrified as her family were slaughtered above her head. For days following, she roamed the wild plains, lost and hungry, scared and alone. Eventually, one chanced upon her on his trip out hunting, a large Mandalorian who, despite his hesitations, rescued Sabine from her dereliction. The Mandalorian had been Cassus Fett. Cassus raised the girl as his own, caring for her, educating her in Mandalorian ways, and in the teachings of the Galaxy, its cultures, its peoples and its legends. Sabine took great interest in these lessons, yearning for the day she would be old enough to venture into the Universe on her own. She had always known Cassus, now her "buir", her father by adoption, was special. His foresights and actions were always superhuman to her childish eyes. One day he explained to her that this was due to a thing called "the Force", and such traits she exhibited. Cassus taught her how to use them, how to control them, and the lore and law behind it. As she developed into her teens, Sabine's prowess was admirable, though her main skills lay in her combat. Lithe, athletic and nimble, she showed much promise as an assassin or bounty hunter, rather than a Jedi which interested her less at the time.

The Jedi Mandalorian

As Cassus found place amongst the New Jedi Order, assisting them in the training of Jedi in combat, and his teachings becoming widely revered for its insight, Sabine followed him dutifully. Relocating to Anobis, they stayed amongst the Jedi, but she never felt quite accepted amongst their ranks. Always on edge, she hungered for action beyond the templ walls, and addressed her concerns to Cassus. He commissioned her, by way of compromise, to act on his behalf with regards to sensitive matters. In effect, Sabine was to become a spy and assassin for the Jedi, though the Order itself would never be made aware of the fact. Many missions undertaken, with great success, she infiltrated Kashyyyk's notorious fortress of the Sith, posing as one of their own. A number of Sith also fell to her blade in the cold dark nights she chose to strike. Sabine had become a lethal weapon, answering only to Cassus, reparations for his kindness to her in her childhood.

Birth of an Empire

As Cassus left the Jedi, Sabine too followed. Together they returned to their roots amongst the Mandalorians, and it was not long before Cassus was appointed by landslide result, as the Empire's new Mand'alor. Sabine served as his personal bodyguard, assassin and spy, once more performing admirably in delicate circumstance, and continuing her infiltration of Dark Side academies to provide information to the Mand'alor. Under Cassus, the Mandalorian Empire flourished and grew, expanded, and not in small part owing to Sabine's information. Now in her early 20's, Sabine however grew tired of her role. She resolved to maintain it as long as necessary, however something inside burned for greater glory.

Fall to the Dark

Upon Cassus's final resign of the Mand'alor position, Sabine took the opportunity to broaden her horizons. As Cassus reitred with his then-wife, Aria, and their son Jaro, Sabine sought tutelage in new methodologies. Finding herself once more at Kashyyyk, it was the actions and teachings of the great Sith'ari Feral Ragnos, who sparked the interest in the Dark Side. The irony was not lost that she had until now been destroying these very people she now learned from. The Dark Side came easy to her, and her corruption took little time. Already a trained and somewhat competent Jedi, she found the transition much more to her taste. It was during this time that she learned of the Nightsisters, was introduced to Feral's sister, Sinistra, the greatest Dathomiri witch of her generation, and once more Sabine became embroiled and determined to learn all she could. Digging up resource wherever she could, she studied and practiced the ancient Nightsister arts, finding much akin in their codes and powers. Finally she felt her calling, and her path then crossed that of another, a similar woman, and her life changed forever.

The Nightsisters Beckon

Rhiannon Deathstrung had once been a target of Sabine's for assassination. The contract was now old however, and this Jedi-slayer held further purpose. Meetings were laced with talk of the Nightsisters, and together they formulated plan to rebuild the Order themselves. Obtaining permissions from Tanith Desaevio, the ruler of Dathomir, to rebuild the coven, together Sabine and Rhiannon built a mighty Citadel, imbued with the Dark Side and surrounded by the nature to feed its raw power. Once complete, they set to recruiting for their coven, and were quickly swamped with new entries, as many Dark Side women flocked to Dathomir to seek this mystical and inspiring order. Rhiannon and Sabine saw the ranks swell, and it was soon noted that a leader needed to be appointed to see them progress. A tournament was decided upon, however few had the talents in combat that the more seasoned Sabine and Rhiannon possessed. It came as little surprise that they should meet in the final showdown to decide who should be Matriarch. The battle raged for what seemed hours, yet was all but minutes. What Rhiannon was not aware however, was that the ancient Book of Shadows, the great tome of the Nightsisters written by Gethzerion herself, the greatest ever Nightsister, had been uncovered by Sabine, and in secret she learned some of its secrets in preparation for the fight. Unleashing one such devastating spell, the ground shook and the dark sky lit ablaze, and once the dust settled, Rhiannon was nowhere to be seen. All assumed her disintegrated by the raw power Sabine had unleashed, and so Sabine was named champion victorious, and the first Matriarch of the Nightsisters.

The Witch's Expanse


The future is uncertain.

Author's note: To be reviewed for inconsistencies, and updated in due course.

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