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MDT SabaothLaunch
Sabaoth destroyer
Production information

Sabaoth destroyer




3,500,000 credits (1,500,000 used)

Technical specifications


Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 3
  • Backup: Class 18
  • Heavy ion cannon turrets (2)
  • Quad turbolaser turrets (4)
  • Heavy anti-starfighter laser turrets (11)

up to 20 starfighters





Cargo capacity

3,000 tons


1 year



  • Destroyer

from Rise of the Empire era


This version of the Sabaoth destroyer was created by the Kamino Clones and Exports company, in response to Mon Shurima's request for a 450 meter version. It is unknown how well this version matches the vessels used by the forces of Captain Cavik Toth prior to and during the initial stages of the Clone Wars.


Destroyer Geonosis

Sabaoth destroyer in orbit of Geonosis, 22 BBY.

The Sabaoth destroyer was an immense, armored warship, hundreds of meters in length, designed for capital ship warfare. To this end, it was armed with six capital ship turrets and eleven heavy anti-starfighter laser turrets arrayed across its hull.

While its high level of maneuverability helped it to avoid enemy fire, it carried on average 12 support craft in its lower hangar bay to end any starfighter threat.


The original Sabaoth destroyers participated in the battle above Geonosis at the start of the Clone Wars, though all three vessels used by Captain Toth were destroyed by forces led by Jedi Master Adi Gallia and Captain Nym.

This particular version was created in 58 ABY by the Kamino Clones and Exports company, in response to Mon Shurima's request for a 450 meter version. Although built from the same design plans, it is unknown how well this version matches the original Sabaoth specifications.

Known VesselsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Sabaoth Destroyer concept 2

Destroyer concept art from Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter.

Early screens from Jedi Starfighter, as seen in the game trailer, show the Sabaoth Destroyer as a water-based vessel in the game's second level. An Aquatic Trade Federation battleship would later take this position.

It is interesting to note these vessels are strikingly similar to the class of vessels produced by the Star Forge during the Jedi Civil War, as are the Sabaoth fighters to the Sith fighters.

The Shurima specification of the Sabaoth destroyer was created by User:Calmaen vor Lalimar to give the canon vessel an exact length, so that it could be categorised in terms of size for the fleet allowances. The canon vessel is cited as having a length of 'several hundred meters', so a 450m vessel was chosen. Of course, if the canon vessel is exactly 450m, the two designs should be identical.

As this vessel is a canon vessel, it has not been patented by the GSTC Patent Office. Its schematics remain in the Kamino Clones and Exports and Night Jedi databanks for future use.


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