Self-Actuating Artillery (SAA)Edit




The SAA is a highly versatile artillery platform. It sports a 304.8mm Mass Driver Cannon that is capable of firing all types of rounds. Solid shot, Napalm, High Explosive, "Rain shot", and Shrapnel rounds. Its relatively slow speed is made up by its electromagnetic shielding, this shielding activates once the artillery battery has set itself to fire. The shield disengages just prior to firing and re-activates afterward. As it is a droid of sorts, the electronic systems have been hardened against EMP weaponry. However, in case of unforeseen malfunction, the SAA has manual operating targeting and firing mechanisms. Allowing the crew to man the SAA. Along with the shielding, the SAA also is equipped with 3 Anti-Personnel Repeating Blasters mounted on the frame. These are, in fact, the only reasons for external crewing, as the SAA is a fully automated droid unit. Capable of much more complex firing solutions: the on-board AI can tap into all of the relevant data-centers regarding terrain, wind velocity, gravitational discrepancies ect and adjust accordingly. Thus greatly improving accuracy and reliability. Despite the precautions against ground troops, the SAA requires the escort of friendly ground units (such as the AAT, AT-TE, AT-ST, STAP ect.) in order to remain fully protected.

Technical SpecsEdit


  • 20.6 (meters)


  • 5.7 (meters)


  • 6.3 (meters)


  • 9095Durasteel/Quadrenium Mixture.


  • 1 Chempat Shield Generator.


  • 1 304.8mm Mass Driver Cannon.
  • 3 Anti-Infantry Repeating Blasters.


500,000 republic credits.


The SAA is exclusively produced by DeathTech Industries on the planet Sump. Its versatility and power make it a most valuable asset to any army.

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