" "War ... stamps us with nobility, if we have the courage to make it "
―Ru Kwaad
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28 April '09

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Yuuzhan Vong





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Yuuzhan Vong Empire

Ru Kwaad Edit

Ru of Domain Kwaad was a shaper born on the Worldship Banu Raa. He progressed in an average pace, until the invasion of the galaxy began. He became a shaper adept, before the catastrophic defeat in the deep core. The Worldship he was stationed on was reassigned to the Tingel Arm. When the final dark days were close approaching and the fall of Yuzzan'tar was imminent, the Shapers were transfered to the planet of Belkadan, before boarding a smaller Suuv Ban D'Krid. Then news came of the defeat of the Supreme Overlord. The entire Yuuzhan Vong race seemed to collapse under the crushing defeat. Most of the Yuuzhan Vong survivors were transfered to Zomama Sekot. However the Domain Kwaad survivors were forgotten. The craft was jumping from system to system when it encountered the seed world, Tur Yenagh. Ru and his compatriots joined the remnant of the lost worldship.

Tur Yenagh Edit

Due to the lack of manpower, Ru became a Warrior/Shaper. Fighting for the last vastages of their race, they successfully defeated several attempts to eradicate them from the galaxy. He assumed the title of Domain leader when the death of the last leader overtook him. Ru had a policy of expansionism, and was referred to the Vonduun, after the notoriously tough Crab armor that the warriors wore. He eventually became attracted to another Shapers, Nei Kwaad. However, not all was well. The relationship was eventually terminated with Ru ripping his heart out and replacing it with a cold, hard miniature Vonduun Crab to symbolize his rejection. At this point, Ru began to experiment, disregarding the laws laid down. The leaders had become lax, no longer willing to follow the ways of old. Ru followed. He came across the chronicles of an unnamed shaper who experimented with Yammosk tissues. He attempted the experiment on himself. Then he inadvertantly discovered the force, due to the Yammosk's natural telepathy. He went partially insane. He stitched his mouth closed and stably unstable.


(Refer to picture)

Because of the unusual nature of Yuuzhan Vong biological weapons, the weapons are either grafted on on are living creatures. As shown in the picture, he is equipped in full Vonduun Skerr Kyrric. He also carries an Amphistaff. He is left handed and has a Tsaisi in his right. He has two glowing yellow/white ridges along his skull, indicating advanced shaping on his part.

Personality and TraitsEdit

He is a intense, severe specimen and because he does not speak, it gives him a strange psychological advantage. He is also considered insane.

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