Rissa Jedi
Rissa Sser-Kalin
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1.5 meters

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Green & Gray

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Known masters
  • Ronin McIlvenn

'Rissa Sser-Kalin' was once a Jedi Knight, who now roams the Galaxy as a follower of the Gray Jedi belief.


To Begin a TaleEdit

Rissa was born on the overgrown planet of Felucia to a mother that died at a young age. Her father tried to provide for her the best he could, though one day when she was 14 he went off hunting and never to returned. Soon after a Jedi was sent to watch over the planet, he felt the girl through the Force and decided to seek her out. He offered for her to be tested by the council and she accepted. Soon after the testing it was decided that despite her age she was accepted into the Order and trained as a Padawan. For several years she underwent the training, during which time she met her best friend, Linn. Once she had finished and under went her trials she completed missions as directed by the council though when Linn had disputed over some thing with the council, decidedly breaking apart with them, Rissa left with her, deeming her the only family she now had. After adventuring around with Linn, they were eventually separated because of an encounter and did not see each other for many years, until one day she was contacted through the Force by her best friend, bidding she come and join her.

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