Ricros spent his entire life dedicated to becoming powerful. He became distinguishably good with a blade and had a natural atonement to the force. He spent years in the Night Jedi Citadel on Kashyyyk, training until he proved his worth. He was promoted to General of the forces there, and he served in that post until the Order crumbled. Ricros, bewildered and confused fled to Valandil Ar-Feiniel's location and joined him as a 'True Assassin'. They plotted together but they hardly ever worked together on targets, as a result Ricros claimed no heads. Ricros lost contact with Valandil after a while and created an order in remembrance of the Night Jedi on Kashyyyk, yet as before, it crumbled. He fell into darkness and found his way to Korriban to train his anger.

Recently, after learning of Valandil's death, Ricros was attacked by his killer, yet he had allies on Korriban and they fought the killer off world. Ricros has been planning his final assassination, his most cunning plan yet, one to out do all others.

Basic InformationEdit

Age: 29

Birth Place: Korriban

Parents: Deceased

Known Master: Tantalus Ashla


Silver saber which has a krayt dragon pearl in its hilt and a rare Crystal improving his physical capabilities.

Purple saber which is longer and wider than most blades, it has a crystal in it's hilt which improves Ricros' force capabilities.

Robotic arm with hidden blade.

Sith war sword.

2 E11 Blaster rifles; one with a 'scope and other with a silencer.


Mandalorian Armour similar to that of Jango Fett, without the helm. Equipped with a wrist flamethrower.

Force PowersEdit

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