Early LifeEdit

Universe V1.0Edit

Ricky appeared shortly after the bombing of Corellia in Universe V1.0. He had a small fleet of destroyers/cruisers that he led around the galaxy. After guarding Corellia for a bit, he moved on to Utapau in time for an invasion attempt by the Sith. He helped defend the planet, and then, after he was denied permission to permanently reside there, moved on to setup a mining operation on Alzoc III, where he met and befriended Valstrol Horica when he came in and declared himself lord of the world. Despite Ricky's less-important status, they became quite close, and Ricky even helped put down a rebellion with him. Eventually, Ricky moved a detachment of his fleet over to Bespin. After discussing with the Barron of Cloud City, Endor, Ricky set up shop on Tibannopolis.

On Bespin, Ricky fought many weird and wonderful enemies; the first (and biggest) was the Plague Lord, who proved quite hard to get rid of. Others included Cloud City's invasion by giant robots, zombies, Sigillious' Inquisition, and this resulted in the repeated destruction and rebuilding of the entire city.

Eventually, Ricky made a transition over to Tynna where Endor was still in charge, and Captain ran the bar. Ricky still spent most of my time in space. He established a station in a small asteroid field in the Tynna system, while still having a presence in Bespin (now occupying a moon) and on Alzoc III with his mining base.

The next adventure came when he butted heads with the Inquisition. The exact reasons for their hatred were unclear, but the Inquisition clearly had the upper hand. Ricky's bases fell under siege, and he almost turned the event into a major faction war when he asked Valstrol for help (and he did help, despite all strategic sense to the contrary). In the end, Ricky admitted defeat by abandoning his bases. He then disappeared for some time.

Universe 1.5Edit

Ricky returned in a lone, battered cruiser with only a handful of people still following him. The Minutor Mercs (his organization) had been betrayed and annihilated by a special agent, known simply as "Agent." Ricky became negative and reclusive, having his few followers do most of the actual work until "Agent" returned and finished them off for good.

Sadly, the group eventually fell apart when Endor disappeared, and so did Ricky. By now the universe had quieted down significantly, and there didn't seem to be a niche for Ricky's rogue fleet. He is now trying to get back into business with one man, one GAT-12 Skipray, and a positive attitude.