Winter contest by ElviraVonNosferatus
Biographical information

Helska IV



Physical description




Hair color

White Blonde

Eye color

Pale Blue

Chronological and political information

Jedi vs. Sith



Rhyiianna Concordia is the daughter of Lord Iniquitous and Seleste Concordia, a clone of Aalia Ra, named after Iniquitous' older sister. She was born on Helska IV, months after her parents divorced. Seleste died only a couple months after giving birth to the girl, and Aalia decided to raise Rhyiianna as her own daughter. Rhyiianna was never told of her true mother and Aalia led her to believe that her father was an Arkanian Jedi Knight who had died before she was born. 

Despite Aalia's decision to raise her as her own, she hid Rhyiianna away from Dominus Lucius and their family so the girl would not learn the truth about her parentage by mayhap. Ra's only interest in the girl was political, hoping that she could use her as leverage in the future against her real father, Iniquitous, as well as perhaps lay claim to the Arkanian throne. As such, Aalia had a large staff care and protect Rhyiianna in secret, with detailed instructions. When she showed strong Force sensitivity, Aalia recruited an exiled Jedi to teach and guide her. Ra would visit the girl a few times a year, but only to help keep up the facade and ensure her political investment was being properly handled. 

Since Aalia's death, Rhyiianna has been hidden way once more in a new unknown location. As the only biological child of Lord Iniquitous and Aalia Ra, the niece of An Tiarna Dubh, and a blood princess of Arkania, the Force sensitive and secluded Rhyiianna Concordia is a dangerous playing card: everything Aalia Ra had hoped she would be.