Rhitta Skirata

Rhitta Skirata

Known Family
Shiarael Rhi'an (wife)
Current clansmen
Shiarael Rhi'an,Reyn Skirata, Arden Skirata


Mandalorian Childhood

Rhitta was born in 41 BBY, to mandalorian parents. He spent his youth being trained by his buir in the traditional mando way. He later fought in the mandalorian civil wars, serving with enough distinction to be among the cuy'val dar who were chosen by Jango Fett to train the clone armies of the republic.

Training the Grand Army of the Republic and the Clone Wars.

Rhitta aided in preparing the army for the rigors of war. When the war broke out he fought on the republic side at Seleucami, Kamino, Boz Pity, Mygeeto, Utapau, and Coruscant, as well as several others. During his service with the 501st he met many influential and famous figures such as Obi Wan Kenobi, Jango Fett, Darth Vader, Master Yoda, and Emperor Palpatine.

Order 66

Rhitta later participated in the Jedi purge of Order 66. He watched as his comrades executed Operation Knightfall, having no qualms about it after his experience during the Battle of Galidraan during the Mandalorian Civil War. After these events, he had no real choice but to join the newborn Galactic Empire.

The Galactic Civil War

Kir Kanos NEGTC

Imperial Royal Guard Rhitta Skirata

The Empire had now risen, and Rhitta had no choice but to participate. He fought in several notable battles until he was fingered for the new Imperial Guard Program.

Imperial Guard Training


Rhitta killing his training partner

Rhitta was handpicked to train for the Imperial guard program, due to his loyalty, size, skill, strength, and intelligence, as well has latent force sensitivity. Like all guards, he attended the academy at Yinchorr, perfecting his abilities with training in fencing and the unarmed styles of the Echani. After a year of brutal training, he was forced to duel the partner he had spent the year training with, and killed him in front of the Emperor. Having completed his training he served with distinction among various planetary actions and Jedi hunts. It was at this time that Rhitta's father was killed by the very government that Rhitta served, he would not find out about his father's death for many years.

Post Palpatine Service

Rhitta continued to serve the Emperor until the last of Palpatine's clones was assasinated by the Emperor's personal physician, who had been bribed by Carnor Jax and several of the Imperial Moffs. Carnor Jax then destroyed the Royal Guard academy, killing nearly all of the other guards, although eventually he was himself killed by a survivor named Kir Kanos. During this time of upheaval, Rhitta served the empire of his own accord until the outbreak of the Yuuzhan Vong war.
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Rhitta during the Yuuzhan Vong War

The Yuuzhan Vong War

Before The Onslaught

Rhitta was one of the few Imperials to see what a thread the newly arrived Yuuzhan Vong invaders truly were. while the Imperial Remnant and it's leaders waited to the side and watched matters unfold Rhitta began to consider that these alians were a greater threat than anything before, so he quickly submitted his services to the New Republic government who were leery at first but soon came around.

Opening Campaigns

When the opening battles ensued Rhitta, along with the universe as a whole, were shocked at the Yuuzhan Vong methods and beliefs. nothing but his training and wits helped him survive the first battles of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Eventually he began rising through New Republic ranks in the military and quickly gained a reputation both with his Imperial Guard helmet on as in the older days and now with his face and Imperial nature.

Rejoining The Imperials Once More

When the Imperial Remnant was hit at Bastion and other areas by a Yuuzhan Vong sneak attack leaving it's forces in dismay they called many Imperials home such as Rhitta himself, he quickly surmised the situation to the Moff Council and Gilad Pellaeon on how to defeat the Yuuzhan Vong and then went straight to work training Imperial troops on how to fight the Vong. He was tasked with leading the Remnant's ground forces into battle and fought in many more of the Yuuzhan Vong War's battles ending in his cooperation with the Liberation of Coruscant and the Vong's surrender by Warmaster Nas Choka. With victory assured and the war ending Rhitta decided he didn't belong in the Imperial ranks anymore.


Upon leaving the Empire for the second time Rhitta had nothing to do with his life. He began to wander the galaxy and thus gained his most recognizable alias of "Wanderer". His travels lead him to many worlds which he had both seen and not seen in his travels, among them Coruscant, Bakura, Naboo, and others.

Mandalorian Re-emergence


Rhitta in Mandalorian Armor

Upon hearing of Boba Fett and his Empire's ressurgence Rhitta decided to return to his roots. He would find out too soon how un-Mandalorian he had become, several decades in the Galactic Empire had made him revert from his Mando ways. He began to serve with distinction, not just in action but in words which he made sure everyone could hear him well enough by speaking out often and loudly when he saw that something needed done. Among the positions he has held since he returned are the Head of Intelligence, Head of Security, Aide to the General of the Armies, Colonel, and Weapons Master.

Leader of Clan Skirata

Upon his return to the Mandalorians he served his clan with distinction enough to be named second in command of Clan Skirata, he would eventually be named it's leader by former clan leader Kal Skirata, when the clan was placed into his hands it was in shambles because of inactivity and the actions of former clan member Prudii Skirta (self-pronounciation) new members have steadily been arriving and the Clan and it's possessions have been growing steadily.

Dual Future

File:Picture 007.jpg

In the recent times Rhitta has been dueling his Imperial and Mando attributes. He has claimed to be waiting for Emperor Palpatine's successor to resume his duty as an Emperor's Royal Guard but he has also vested all his energies and hopes to rebuilding the Mandalorian Empire into a universal powerhouse.

Personality And Traits

Rhitta rarely smiles and jokes unless he is around certain people or the job requires it. he has been trained to mask his emotions and commit himself to his duty. He rarely drinks alcohol and never partakes in drugs or spices of any kind. Looking at him you would see the model Imperial with certain and distinguishing Mandalorian traits. He is silent and calculating almost as much as he is loud and defiant. He has a fondness for Tactics and ground warfare along with revolutionary wars. You will often find him enjoying the peacefulness of nature.


Though he has had a few relationship in the past there are only a couple worth noting

Shiarael Rhi'an

Shia and Rhitta were married on Bakura and have lived there since. She is a Mandalorian with a troubled past just like he is, and has many of the same personality traits and thoughts that he does. She filled in for him as clan leader of the Skiratas for some time before he came back. She also carries the very force pike that he has had since his training as an Imperial Royal Guard


Rhitta and the Bakurans have had a very close relationship in the past since he witnessed it's revolution against the Empire firsthand, he currently rules half of the planet and gives the Bakurans the right to govern themselves and to think freely. They view him as an overseer of their affairs.

Armor and Weapons

Picture 024

Rhitta in his armor

Rhitta still uses his Imperial Guard armor primarily along with his force pike. he will use any tools necessary but he mainly uses his blaster rifle, thermal detonators, concussion grenades, fibercord whip, and wits to keep him alive during battle.

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