Official Name: Rhiannon
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Species: Human
Homeworld: Dathomir
Occupation: Nightsister
Faction Affiliation: Nightsisters
Appearance: Look at the avatar. Just add medal gauntlets/wrist guards. And ear plugs for her Dragite Saber. She is about 5"5'. Not the tallest thing. But very fast. Good luck out running her. Matching her speed with your average characters design nowadays is hard enough.[1]
Bio: Rhiannon is crazy. Her body does not produce a certain chemical that she needs to be sane. If you can get her sane, you will learn her whole story. And it's nothing short of remarkable.
Weapons: viewtopic.php?f=960&t=18730&p=1188191#p1188191
and a medal Blade shaped like a massive Ring
Force Powers: *Dathomir Magic!
Spaceship/Fleet: *1 Imperious Class Star Destroyer
Ground Forces:
Rhiannon has a Military being made and a large amount of Rancors at her disposal.
Currently she has 50,000 Verpine Dones with Verpine Blasters
Accomplishments/Goals: *killed 5 people in official deathmatchs and counting
  • Started the nightsisters.
Known Masters: Brijus, Cthulu, Mephistopheles
Known Apprentices: none
NPCs: [2]
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