Rexicus Brandwyn
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20 BBY

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Half Human/ Half Sephi




6' 1"

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""Why so serious?""
―Rexx Todd[src]

Rexicus is the brother of Jedi Master Arden Brandwyn.

He was raised with Arden, not knowing they were brothers they simply became friends, and was the first Padawan of Jedi Master Warek Mychi. During the raid on the Jedi Temple after the issue of Order 66, Rex and Warek were separated. Warek and Arden believed Rex to be dead and fled the planet (full story found in Star Wars: Hidden Jedi -The story of Arden Brandwyn, book one).

Rexicus was eventually found by an ancient Sith Lord thought long dead and trained in the ways of the dark side. Changing his name to Rexx Todd he sought to destroy his brother for abandoning him. His evil plans were left unrealized for a very long time before the arrival of Lord X and his X-treme Sith, allowing Rexx and his minions a way to destroy Arden.

This attempt, and many like it, failed one after the other until Rexx's own death, after which his son took on the role of attempting to destroy Arden, also ending in countless failures.

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