Republic Engineering Corporation
Organizational information

Coruscant, Fondor

Primary role(s)

Starship and Droid manufacturer

Major products
  • Shieldship
  • Agave-class picket ship
  • Nebula-class Star Destroyer
Chronological and political information
  • New Republic era

Republic Engineering Corporation, previously Republic Fleet Systems, was a ship and droid-manufacturing corporation founded by the New Republic shortly after the death of Emperor Palpatine. Lando Calrissian first contacted the company to build Shieldships for protection against Nkllon's intense sun. The company was also responsible for spearheading the engineering side of the New Class program. Following Grand Admiral Thrawn's defeat, the company began focusing on smaller craft, such as starfighters and airspeeders.


  • Agave-class Picket Ship
  • Defender-class Assault Carrier
  • Defender-class In-System Fighter
  • Endurance-class Fleet Carrier
  • Ferret-class Reconnaissance Vessel
  • Hajen-class Fleet Tender
  • Majestic-class Heavy Cruiser
  • MT-16 Combat Speeder
  • Nebula-class Star Destroyer
  • Prowler-class Reconnaissance Vessel
  • Sacheen-class Light Escort
  • Shieldship
  • Solo-class Combat Freighter
  • Warrior-class Gunship


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