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Starship manufacturer[2]

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Rendili StarDrive was a starship-manufacturing company based on the planet Rendili. It was one of the ancient Founding Shipwrights.[3]


Rendili Stardrive was once known as Republic Fleet Systems. It was under this name that they built the Katana Fleet, which was fully automated. No easy accomplishment and a feat that has not been repeated since. After the loss of the full Katana Fleet, Republic Fleet Systems fractured, and part of the group migrated to the far off Moddell Sector to design a new type of ship for a new age. This part of the group became Rendili Stardrive. Republic Fleet Systems on the other hand remained to continue to build capital ships until the Republic became the Galactic Empire. It was then the Emperor suspended the shipyards right to sell ships. The company then disbanded, leaving all of their shipyards for a future generation.

After the battle of Beta, Cellos Soyak an executive from the Pre Katana Fleet Republic Fleet Systems, made a return from cryogenic hibernation. The whole Ikron-Soyak family helped to bring back Republic Fleet Systems to the galaxy once again. Krysinia Ikron Was the first leader of the group. Cellos went on a voyage to the Moddell Sector to find out what had become of the splinter group of Republic Fleet Systems.

What he found was a rag tag group -descendents of failed scientists. They where working on a new shielding technology when the clone wars broke out, and they came under attack by a group of raiders. Cellos and the Refuges returned to the deep core, and Renamed Republic Fleet Systems, Rendili Stardrive. It also just so happened that one of the refugees was in possession of a copy of the original Dreadnaught DataCard. But then Lady Ikron had disappeared and CEO Ral came forward to lead the company, he led the construction efforts in the Deep Core, and helped regain control of several old RFS shipbuilding factories.

1 Year later Cellos had finally found the location of Rendili's Secret Shipyards that had helped been taken over by an unknown force many years ago. After a major battle in the Lotide System with the unknown raiders, The Wraiths and Rendili Stardrive drove the raiders from the system and the sector as a whole. This result left all of the shipyards in the Sector for Rendili to use. The shipyards have just been refitted to begin pumping out ships just like those that where once found in the Katana Fleet. Cellos Soyak had just been appointed as the new Director of the company, now operating out of the shadows of the Deep Core and Moddell Sectors Rendili is hoping to usher in a new period of ship design when the time is right, but until then they will wait and be ever weary of what is going on around them. Destined not to let what has happened in the past happen again.

Currently Rendili StarDrive is still going strong, growing and making profit all the time. At this time RSD is led by James Raynor, whom is also the Current Sentaor and Leader of Rendili.



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