Reka Cili meditation was a non-Force combat meditation that enabled the user greater control over his/her body and greater situational awareness. While the Force was not required to use it, it did affect an individual's use of the Force. It was developed and adapted to the Force by Aron Kellemann.

Non-Force (standard) effects Edit

Essentially, Reka Cili is based on focusing and at the same time expanding the mind. It allows for

  • Faster thought and reactions (still limited by muscular speed),
  • Increased thought capacity (you're able to think through options and possibilities more thoroughly),
  • Greater control over the body. (using this, you can control to some extent your heartbeat, pain levels, and other such functions)
  • Greater situational awareness

Disadvantages are:

  • as mentioned, the mental capacity does not allow muscles to move faster, cannot overcome any physical force;
  • controlling things like pain level can lead to a user overreaching him/herself, or not realizing he/she has been wounded.

Force-related effects Edit

  • Allows greater control over Force powers, as well as greater stamina, by focusing the user's mind
  • Can be used to turn the user into a conduit for the Force, resulting in much more power being available
  • In some cases, it also included a variant of Force Sight, allowing the user to see energy in general, not just light, and especially the Force. This essentially makes him immune to most illusions.

Facing an opponent under Reka Cili Edit

An opponent using Reka Cili meditation often seems to be thinking faster than he/she can move. Its use is characterized by precise, almost machinelike movements and speech; the impression most often used to describe it is the idea that the user had been recorded moving slowly, then the recording played back quickly.

Dangers Edit

Use of Reka Cili meditation in conjunction with the Force is inherently dangerous as the user will then be channeling more power than their body can sustain, and if carried too far will inevitably result in death. Even if not carried too far, this results in the user ending up oversensitized to the Force, and with internal burns.

There is at least one documented case of such use resulting in death; Jonath Lithala, a Jedi on Osarian, was killed on Haruun Kal after the power coursing through him exceeded what his body could contain. He exploded in a wave front of turquoise fire, much like some Sith and Dark Jedi do upon death. It is unknown whether this occurrence was the result of dark side tendencies or a direct consequence of the Reka Cili itself.

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