Red group was a division of starfighters in the Night Jedi Military. It was usually comprised of X-Wings.



Red Group was formed when Jobie Wan Kenobi purchased starfighters for the Night Jedi order, to form the complement of his VSDII Reliant. The starfighters were grouped by type, and assigned a colour-named group, either Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green groups. Red Group was usually assigned to X-Wings, although the title has been assigned to A-Wings.

The group is divided into flights of 4 starfighters, each given Greek letter names. The most commonly seen flight is Iota Flight, who fly the majority of patrols and scouting missions. As such, the larger group designation is rarely seen outside of large scale conflicts.


Red group first saw action during the Night Jedi vs Valerian Conflicts, where they fought the forces of Valerian Aslamir to defend the Night Jedi on Endor. At this stage, they were flown by a mix of highly trained non-Night Jedi pilots, and some Night Jedi themselves. They fought in both the First and Second attacks, and took several casualties. Between the two attacks, however, the number of fighters were bolstered by the purchase of additional ships.


Sometime after the battle, Oola Palantea took control of the Night Jedi Military, and began a cost-cutting initiative which saw the disbandment of major parts of the fleet, including the fighter groupings.

Iron Fists WarEdit

When Jobie Wan Kenobi returned to the Night Jedi leadership, he reinstated the fighter groups, recruiting soldiers from the Endor Research Outpost to fly many of them. Red Group was comprised of 30 X-Wings, all flown by ground vehicle pilots. They saw action in the Iron Fists War, during the Battle of Manaan. They dogfought with starfighters of Jan'shyr Ronin and Raven, and also flew attack runs on some of the enemy capital ships. Due to heavy loses during the battle, the group was merged with the others into Beta Squadron.

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