{{{Recycling/Endless Needle Energy Weapon}}}
Production information
  • RENEW/p
  • RENEW/c
  • 1,000 "7 (RENEW/p)
  • 3,000 "7 (RENEW/c)
Physical and technical specifications


Usage and history

Ranged weapon


JvS Golden

The Recycling/Endless Needle Energy Weapon is a series of weapons designed to function without the need for a constant stream of energy packs or other recharges. The standard Tibanna gas is replaced by a much less efficient & heavier crystal system that has the benefit of not degrading under use. Additionally, the energy coil is set up with recharge systems that allows the RENEW to freely draw energy from its surrounding environment. The RENEW has three separate recharging systems in order to maintain its power level regardless of the environment. The first system is a heat sink that gathers heat energy from the local environment. The second system is a photovoltaic strip that converts light energy into usable power. The third is a chamber that allows the RENEW to be hooked into a power generating device or power cell. All of these features unfortunately make the RENEW rather bulky compared to most blasters. The RENEW line comes in two available models, the RENEW/p (pistol model) & the RENEW/c (carbine model).

Strictly speaking, the RENEW is not a blaster, it is actually a compact laser weapon. The benefit to this is that the RENEW has a much greater range & level of accuracy compared to a blaster of the same size. The drawback however of a laser weapon is that the rate of fire is much lower. The RENEW is only capable of firing once every thirty seconds. Due to this, the RENEW is not a usual choice for those going into combat, instead it is a weapon for those that spend long periods away from 'civilization' & for hunters that prefer the greater accuracy.